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Great team, great product - Alastair Tulloch

"Really good return on investment"

Listen to Alastair, Director of Vetro Recruitment talk about why he chose Paiger!

Alastair invested in Paiger because as a business, Vetro Recruitment wanted to provide engaging, insightful content to their networks. Since using Paiger, Alastair noticed instantly that the engagement increased on both the content and jobs they were sharing. As well as, seeing placements increase!

"We're attracted candidates that have gone to final interviews and made placements"

"ROI has been fantastic"

Listen to James Clayton from Marcus Donald talk about how Paiger works for them.

Since using Paiger, James has found the benefits of the platform fantastic. The ease of sharing engaging and relevant content has helped the business, not only save time and money but also engage with quality candidates.

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