"It Felt More like A Partnership Than A Client Or Customer"

Sarah Wall, Marketing Director at Darwin Recruitment talks through her pain points, competitor fails and why Paiger saves her time and money. Paiger offers a less expensive, easier service which aesthetically looks the best. Sarah believes we are agile and create a product which removes her challenges. The results show a 10% increase in website traffic and an £11k goal conversion rate. 

"Getting Good Content Out To Our Followers"

Alastair Tulloch, Director at Vetro Recruitment tells us about previous company challenges leading to his use of Paiger. Alastair struggled to get consultants sharing or engaging with their combined 30,000 connections on LinkedIn. Alastair believes we deliver a product which removes his challenges and he credits us for his LinkedIn engagement increasing 7x and a 10% increase in website traffic.

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"Strong Engagement With Minimal Effort"

Kathy Walker, Associate Director – Marketing at McGregor Boyall discussed her previous struggle to get good content out and why Paiger is so important to her current campaigns. Kathy saw mostly job based content on socials which looked like a generic template. Paiger allowed Kathy to change employee attitudes and she is excited to roll out Paiger across the companies locations worldwide. 

"Getting My Content Out There"

Jenae Kaska, Influencer Marketing Manager at SmartRecruiters talks through her pain points as she recognised the need for a simple tool to distribute company messages to the sales team without them having to take time out of their schedules to post. Paiger increases her productivity and reduces her time spent on arranging social posts to promote the SmartRecruiters brand. 

"It's About Bringing Our Sales Team Into The Social Marketing Element"

James Marscheider, Marketing Director at CloudCall tells us about the previous company challenges with a lack of understanding about why individuals posting on socials was so impactful to website traffic and the continuous battle to get the sales team to share posts. Since using Paiger, CloudCall has seen a 10% increase in website traffic and each sales person can share personalised content to their networks easily. 

"Give people a really quick way to share our content"

The Recruitment Events Co. uses Paiger for their influencer marketing. For Jamie Leonard at The Recruitment Events Co., “We wanted it [Paiger] for a very simple process which is to give people a really quick way to share our content”. Paiger offers an advocacy or ambassador programme to allow the fans of their events to promote for them quickly and easily. The process has become part of the companies marketing strategy and contributed to their positive ROI.