How Paiger has been a game-changer to RedHolt’s social media strategy




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RedHolt is a recruitment agency based in the city of London that offers expert Search and Advisory services focused on Technology, Digital Marketing and Sales appointments in Europe, the Middle East and the Americas.


Their approach to the delivery of their products is total transparency and clarity for the client.  They believe a good search company should perform the basics with excellence to differentiate. All the hiring projects they deliver are underpinned by a clear statement of work documenting the deliverable, timescales and responsibilities.


Chris Redmond is the CEO of Redholt with proven and experienced delivery from C-level to mid-level positions globally. He has client-side experience at the board level in listed and PE-backed ventures.



We are deeply dedicated to the long-term growth and success of our clients and our people. We are dedicated to producing measured value and results to website traffic and goal conversions. 


The Challenges

RedHolt’s marketing challenge came to light most during COVID-19, a time when face-to-face meetings were swapped for zoom calls and networking turned to LinkedIn. It highlighted the importance and value of social media to their business that they had not yet fully tapped into.


But knowing the time constraint of being active daily, targeted at their niche and being consistent with posting online, it would take an additional hire just to keep up with it all.


RedHolt started looking for a solution to place structure into their social media plans with reporting elements to monitor it all. 

Chris Redmond

We’ve learnt the value of social media and content but we need it to reach a frequency, on a repeatable basis, which would have taken a whole new person to be posting on social media every 10 hours week on week - that’s when we came across Paiger.

- Chris Redmond, CEO, RedHolt


How Paiger Helped

Paiger has been a game-changer for RedHolt's social media distribution, in particular LinkedIn. Consultants are able to position themselves as thought leaders and remain front of mind as the go-to-people when making hires in their sector. Referencing Paiger as "the system that won't forget to post on social media" we have liberated the team to create their own content and schedule it at their desired time, becoming an alternative to outsourcing their marketing.


Paiger’s product customisation has continued to impress the RedHolt team and the reporting elements allow trackable results that keep the team accountable for active personal brands.

  • Recruiters positioned as thought leaders
  • Engage in personal branding
  • Branded GIF jobs being pushed on social media
  • Structure & recycle content for multi channel distribution
  • Engagement visibility via reports
  • Impact on podcast listeners

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