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With over 50 years of expertise, NES Fircroft is an award-winning workforce solutions specialist providing tailored staffing solutions from over 45 countries across the globe. They began their journey as one of the leading oil and gas staffing providers in the industry, but have now extended their brand dominance in to other sectors such as Renewable energy, Life Sciences, Chemicals and Mining, 


Vicki Codd is responsible for global marketing at NES Fircroft and its four subsidiary brands. Following 7 acquisitions by the business in as many years, Vicki has overseen the integration of all brand assets and now manages the marketing and communications function across 81 offices globally. One of her key responsibilities is to manage the brand’s digital assets and improve brand penetration in new market sectors. 



We are deeply dedicated to the long-term growth and success of our clients and our people. We aim to produce measurable value and ROI in the form of website traffic, goal conversions and brand awareness.


The Challenges

NES’s main challenge was sharing content with their global teams - with over 1000 employees, it can be difficult to let everyone know about a new piece of content and get them to engage with it on their social media channels.


NES were relying on consultants seeing the company posts online and taking the time to share them on their feeds. 


Some consultants also needed support to establish their own personal brand and be more effective on social media. 

Vicki Codd

We had a variety of scheduling and research tools being used around the business; however it was hard to monitor ROI and success was dependent on individual skill sets. A more joined up approach was needed, which would ensure we maintained brand integrity whilst also empowering our consultants to build their social media presence.

- Vicki Codd, Marketing Director (Global) - NES Fircroft


How Paiger Helped

Paiger offers a service that goes beyond just social scheduling, NES Fircroft can now share content with the whole global team, curate new content and allow consultants to automatically share their jobs all in one place. Ultimately Paiger has streamlined the process and increased the social reach.  


The Marketing team can control the content being shared, with text and email message approval settings and the consultant can easily share content at the click of a button. Marketing is also able to easily see which content consultants resonate with the most (based on what they have chosen to share) to ensure future pieces are as tailored as possible. 


NES Fircroft is excited to continue using Paiger to get the latest initiatives and content out to the business as well as sharing more trackable job advertisements allowing the team to better follow a candidate’s journey.  

  • 6% increase in website traffic
  • 8% conversion rate
  • Increased engagement, visible via Google Analytics
  • Consultants remain in control
  • Automatic job posting that follows brand guidelines
  • Connected consultants with the marketing team

Get content shared out team-wide with minimal effort through Paiger.