Change the 'can you like and share this' conversation


Get more people seeing your content

On average a salesperson's network is 2,500 connections, multiply that by your no. of employees for your brands potential reach. You want all of those people to see your content.

Paiger sends your employees an SMS or Email when you want them to share and they can action in one click.

Simple To Use. No Apps To Install. No Passwords To Remember.


No more 'Sorry I'm too busy'

All it takes is one click for their marketing assistant to share onto LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter.

We get your share rate up without having to bribe your team. Easily see who said yes or no to sharing your content.


Access to a full social media scheduler

Schedule content at a time that works around you, all managed in one simple to use tool. As LinkedIn partners we also have access to features our competitors don't.

  • Share to LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram
  • Images, text, gifs and branded subtitled video
  • Direct from Canva
  • Hashtag suggestions and research
  • Upload posts in bulk
  • LinkedIn Partners: company and personal tagging, schedule 1st comment

Take the hassle out of finding content to share

Train Paiger on the content you consume and we'll curate a daily morning email with content to share out on your personal profile.

  • News, Podcast, YouTube
  • Queue your content
  • Access our bank of website sources for your niche
  • LinkedIn Partners: remove negative news, keyword filters

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