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Beer With Marketeers

Hosted by Darren Westall, CEO of Paiger. This is the podcast for all things marketing. Our CEO Darren talks to leading marketers about their wins, frustrations and the advice they give looking back on their careers. All whilst drinking a beer, what could go wrong?!

Catching Up With Rohit

Hosted by Rohit Kapoor... The newest talk show for all things recruitment. Rohit talks to industry experts to find out their successes, advice and most importantly failures. Disclaimer *this is not a podcast. We're adding a quickfire question round and more to make sure this is not JUST another podcast.


The ScaleUp

Hosted by Cameron McLennan, Account Executive at Paiger, The ScaleUp covers all things you need to scale up your agency. Cameron's guests will talk through how they successfully scaled, the mistakes they made a long the way and where to begin. Calling recruiters everywhere this is the podcast for you.

Sales Fails and Prevails

This is a daily briefing of the highs and lows of being in sales. Sales Fails and Prevails is released daily as Alistair Neal, our VP of Americas interviews guests to have a laugh and give a boost for everyone in sales.

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