Find job leads in your niche & location

The best BD calls to make are the ones with live jobs for the types of candidates you have access to today and being the first person to call them.

Vacancy alerts delivered daily into their inbox so recruiters can bring on new clients faster.


Find companies with key hiring indicators

Paiger monitors the web for newly funded companies, acquisitions & expansions in your sector so you can discover new sales opportunities.

  • Newly funded companies
  • Acquisitions
  • Expansions
  • Restructuring

Reduce your time to research clients

We show you everything you need to know about the business so you can craft the perfect cold outreach in seconds. No more wasting time or relying on spray and pray methods.

  • Real-time news
  • Decision makers
  • Hiring by location
  • Tech stack

Access key decision makers

Instantly gather company decision-maker information. Who they are, where they share and what they like. All filtered to your preferences. 

  • Founders, CEOs, CTOs, CMOs and more
  • Twitter profiles
  • Listen to podcast appearances
  • News features

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