How Paiger helps Smart Recruiters remove the friction between the marketing and sales teams.



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As a global leader in enterprise recruiting software, SmartRecruiters offers a cloud-based Talent Acquisition Suite that allows businesses to attract, select, and hire the best people. They pride themselves in providing cutting edge solutions designed to increase recruiter productivity, foster hiring team collaboration, and enhance the candidate experience from source to hire. They closed the largest first half of the year despite these difficult times and recently was the first to market with a native SMS and Whatsapp texting function. 


Jenae Kaska is the Influencer Marketing Manager, responsible for posting on behalf of the SmartRecruiters brand, coordinating tech influencers and external press and news strategies. As part of Jenae 's role, she must ensure the company 's content is shared by employees who are influential in their fields. Due to their reach potential, she requests company promotion via employees in their internal Slack platform.



We are deeply dedicated to the long-term growth and success of our clients and our people. We are dedicated to producing measured value and results to website traffic and goal conversions. 


The Challenges

Jenae would frequently send request messages to colleagues that would get lost amongst the general Slack messaging, meaning any company promotions were not getting the reach they needed. Employees who are very influential and have large networks were not sharing content and Jenae spent too much time manually asking them to post out her company content. 


Jenae previously utilised Sprout Social to pre-schedule social content for the SmartRecruiters company page. Her attempts to cascade the same social content to her sales teams were getting lost among other queries in Slack and Jenae was losing time which could be used more productively. She recognised the need for a simple tool to distribute company messages to the sales team without them having to take time out of their schedules to post. A key issue to increase productivity and reduce time. 

Jenae Kaska

Paiger gives me the reach in being able to collaborate with our internal employees to get our messages out from more channels than just our brand page.

- Jenae Kaska, Influencer Marketing Manager - SmartRecruiters


How Paiger Helped

Paiger allows Jenae to launch new products, prompt the sales team and broadcast posts to the right people across their international offices. Paiger increases her productivity and reduces her time spent on arranging social posts to promote the SmartRecruiters brand. Jenae can receive feedback on who is posting or updating her content which helps her adjust her posts accordingly. 

  • Increases her productivity by posting once and sharing content across socials
  • Content is seen by more people for the same effort
  • Align company and employee promotion
  • 5x website traffic
  • Turned predicted traffic from 500 to 2500
  • Engagement visibility via Google Analytics
  • Remove the friction between herself and employees for social sharing

Remove the friction and connect marketing to sales.