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How Paiger Nurture and Advocacy help Darwin Recruitment build consultants personal brands.




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Darwin Recruitment, since 2001, have been sourcing and placing the best talent for businesses of all sizes across Europe and the USA. They specialise in the digital and data space for innovative business practice and offer market insights and regular events and webinars to share their expertise.


Sarah Wall, the Marketing Director at Darwin Recruitment, develops strategies to increase brand engagement and achieve the businesses core objectives. She ensures all marketing channels compliment each other to achieve business goals of revenue and growth.



We are deeply dedicated to the long-term growth and success of our clients and our people. We are dedicated to producing measured value and results to website traffic and goal conversions. 


The Challenges

Employees wanted control over their own personal brands, consultants were not sharing the requested content and content sharing was not sector specific. In choosing their next product, they needed to be sharing more than just content with their logo on. 


Initially, Sarah employed HootSuite to manage their social schedule in an attempt to gain back control over content that was being shared and it' s frequency, especially around campaign timing. Although successful in sharing content, Sarah found that HootSuite was not producing a content share sector specific and it became very time consuming to produce the schedule itself whilst being in a small team.

Sarah Wall

You listen to me, my pain points and use it to build your system... it feels more like a partnership than a client or customer relationship.

- Sarah Wall, Marketing Director - Darwin Recruitment


How Paiger Helped

Paiger offers a less expensive, easier service which aesthetically looks the best. Sarah believes we are agile and create a product which removes her challenges and is a viable solution for the size of her teams. Before Paiger, Sarah did not know how much easier they could actually make sharing content and jobs. 

  • Consultants tone of voice
  • 2nd biggest referral of traffic from Paiger
  • 3rd biggest referral applications from Paiger
  • 10% increase website traffic
  • £11k goal conversion
  • Engagement visibility via Google Analytics

Build your consultants personal brands with Paiger.