How Paiger has been a game-changer to Cpl’s job adverts on LinkedIn




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Cpl is a global provider of talent solutions to startup companies, multinationals and SMEs in every sector from Pharmaceuticals to Fund Accounting. Founded in 1989, the Cpl Group now comprises 23 brands spanning more than 41 offices in 11 countries. Matching the right talent to the right organisation is the core guiding principle in everything they do.


Ferenc Gal is the Digital Marketing Director of Cpl in charge of 20+ brands offering services across the entire talent spectrum.


Emer Mooney is the Digital Marketing Executive of Cpl, creating and overseeing content across Cpl’s website and social media channels.



We are deeply dedicated to the long-term growth and success of our clients and our people. We are dedicated to producing measured value and results to website traffic and goal conversions. 


The Challenges

Cpl found a big challenge amongst their consultants in ensuring all posts on social media were on-brand throughout the company. Their previous process followed consultants having a job that needed to be advertised, they had to create the imagery (which took on average 15 minutes) and then seek approval for these images to be shared before adding the status and image to LinkedIn. This was an extremely time-consuming process which often meant that not all of their jobs were promoted on social or following brand guidelines.


Another challenge became tracking those job posts without any direction to their website application pages.


After exploring a list of online graphical tools for all users and conducting cost-benefit analysis, they knew there was something better for them out there and started looking at Paiger as a tool that could automate every step of the consultant's job posting journey.

Ferenc Gal

There is nothing else similar to Paiger on the market. Your level of service exceeded our expectations and we are delighted with the results delivered to date.

- Ferenc Gal, Digital Marketing Director - Cpl

Emer Mooney

Paiger has been a game-changer for the consultants at Cpl. It’s extremely simple to use, giving our consultants access to tools that can help them share content with their network.

- Emer Mooney, Digital Marketing Executive - Cpl


How Paiger Helped

Paiger has been a game-changer for consultants at Cpl with branded job posts going out automatically without the consultants needing to spend any time designing images or waiting for approval before posting. The process has been completely streamlined. 


Paiger’s level of service exceeded Cpl’s expectation with an honest, trustworthy approach that acts proactively at all times and consultants feel they can reach out to Paiger for support if they need it. Because of the ongoing support and accessibility of the platform Cpl are continuing to get requests from other parts of the business to become users. 


The ongoing growth within the platform is really encouraging to Cpl and as more features are released, there are more opportunities for the business to gain from using the platform. 

  • Top 4 traffic source in 2022
  • Over 2% of applications via the website
  • All jobs now being pushed on social media
  • Posts in all languages
  • On-brand visibility
  • Candidate journey visible in Google Analytics

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