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How Paiger helps IT Works Recruitment get content shared team-wide to increase brand awareness




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IT Works was founded in 2004 and are leading-recruitment specialists in niche ERP & HRIS systems markets.


Fast forward to today, and their expertise are well-established; with IT Works Recruitment being the partner of choice for Start-Ups, SMEs and Large Corporate organisations looking to recruit their own specialists in ERP and HRIS. 


Their core values: being niche market experts, passionate about what they do, having a focused people-centric approach and their innovative outlook- remains true.


Laura Barker is a Digital Marketer at IT Works Recruitment, working in the marketing and operations team. Laura’s work includes their website, social content and consultant marketing, with a particular focus on IT Works Health.



We are deeply dedicated to the long-term growth and success of our clients and our people. We are dedicated to producing measured value and results to website traffic and goal conversions. 


The Challenges

Previously they would spend time produce weekly content plans that took up a lot of time. And if the recruiters did post, they were not always aligned with the brand. 


Wanting to expand their audience on the IT Works Recruitment company page posts, Laura and the team looked to fully tap into their recruiter’s audiences by increasing branded content. 


Laura and the marketing team recognised the need for a tool that would distribute their company messages to all of the recruiters, without adding to their already busy day and would allow them to track the frequency and success of their LinkedIn posts.

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“We had a problem with consistency on LinkedIn, people were struggling for time and forgetting to post which meant the consultants were stressed out knowing they needed to post but not being able to fit it in their busy days. Even sharing things as a company it was difficult to keep things consistent branding-wise. But with Paiger, we’ve been able to save so much time and the consultants hardly have to think about posting now with Paiger sharing their jobs for them and the new Ghostwriter feature that produces the content where they have an idea but they are struggling to write it down, it’ll just communicate it to their audience in the best way possible making them the experts that they are in the market.”

- Laura Barker, Digital Marketer - IT Works Recruitment


How Paiger Helped

Paiger helps IT Works Recruitment get content shared team-wide to increase brand awareness with branded job posts going out automatically, increasing their website traffic and applications. The marketing team and consultants now operate with less friction and time being spent asking 'can you share this'.


Paiger offers a service that goes beyond just social scheduling, IT Works Recruitment can now share content to the recruiters, create new content via the Ghostwriter AI feature and allow consultants to automatically share their jobs all in one place. Ultimately Paiger has given their recruiters autonomy to post content and see their success.


The Marketing team are able to easily see which content consultants are sharing and which is performing best to ensure future content produced is as effective as possible for their niche.

  • Increased website traffic
  • 289% increase in applications after introducing Paiger
  • 685 jobs shared across 3 months
  • Increased followers on the company page
  • Estimated 765 hours saved since introducing Paiger
  • Connected recruiters with the marketing team

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