The Phone Isn’t Dead But What About Your Team’s Social Presence?

The Phone Isn’t Dead But What About Your Team’s Social Presence?
Darren Westall March 25, 2022 Recruitment

The phone is still a big part of a recruiter’s strategy. Being able to talk to candidates and clients on the phone, or texting them while they’re unable to talk on the phone, is a huge part of your role. The likelihood is, that’ll always fall within your role responsibilities.


However, social media is now a more powerful tool in your arsenal.


Let us explain.


Your social presence, especially on LinkedIn, is your space to build awareness of what you do. Without awareness, the list of phone numbers to call will be short.


Ultimately, a recruiter’s social presence should generate phone calls.


When it comes to building a powerful personal brand, LinkedIn is still the platform of choice in recruitment.  You can use it to share your expertise, connect with professionals and showcase what you do well.


If you are a recruitment business owner, here’s why you should encourage your team to work on building an impressive social presence:

Build trust and credibility with potential clients

If your recruiters work in a market niche, they need to be experts in that field. By talking to clients and candidates in their markets, your recruiters have firsthand insight into what is happening in that market. This information is too good not to share. Get recruiters turning insights into social posts that show others that their finger is on the pulse.

Connect with professionals to help them find career opportunities

Whilst CRM databases are an invaluable source of information on clients and candidates, they are not real-time, and they rely on being maintained. Connecting with a broad network of professionals, and sharing useful information with them on social media, gives a recruiter a real-time database of people to approach when they have new opportunities. See it as a pre-CRM database to nurture a talent pool.


Recruitment is a people business. And, for good or bad, fewer people pick up a cold call than ever before. With this in mind, building a social presence gives clients and candidates a person that they can approach when they need help. Investing time building your business’ brand is important, but building individual personal brands is something that cannot be overlooked.

Vast networks

The potential network reach of all individual recruiters is huge. However, failing to invest in creating personal brands and a social presence means many of the individuals that these networks could include won’t connect to the dormant LinkedIn account of Dave with no photo or Sue with no work history.

Next steps

Check out our blog on setting up your LinkedIn profile for success.


Get some quick wins with our ideas for content to post.


And, if you still need more encouragement to invest in your recruitment team’s social presence, read our reasons to invest in your personal brand.

Get in touch

Encourage your team to build their own social presence and in turn, they will boost the social presence of your recruitment business. Not only that, but they’ll be better recruiters for it, and they’ll generate more phone calls. It’s a win-win.


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