Learn How A Start-Up Is Tackling Marketing

We'll be exploring all options for our marketing strategy like PPC, SEO, email marketing, account-based marketing and more as we take our business to the next level.

It's going to be seriously fun, insightful and challenging, especially because our background isn't marketing, we're tech guys.

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What Have We Learnt From 2022?

After a crazy year for marketers, we had our fair share of failures but we've learnt a lot. Here are a few of our lessons learnt. 


People buy from people so for us building up trust for our brand and the brand of the team is key. In doing this, we are tackling the socials of the brand and all employees, blogging useful tips for both marketers and recruiters, offering webinars and podcasts and branching into live streams in 2021. All with the goal of giving the best content possible to both communities. Because once a prospect trusts us, they are more likely to buy from us.

PPC and Retargeting

Our retargeting adverts went live across Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Being new to the PPC game we quickly realised without an efficient process to monitor each advertisement spend to the demo conversion, it would lead us to a lot of expense without a clear image of the impact. But as a warm audience, it would be silly not to. So within LinkedIn we are testing 3 types of retargeting for our most efficient route.


We plugged in Marketing Automation on our website which enables us to track customer journeys and interactions, applying lead scores for each. What Marketing Automation enables us to do is to run target adverts on the likes of Facebook & LinkedIn to showcase Paiger and the problems we solve. This will drive them to our website where they’ll have familiarity with the brand. That is our Marketing Qualified Lead. That is our ideal customer, educated on our brand and the problem we solve, asking to speak to sales. Running automated campaigns is key for our small marketing team.

Relationship Marketing

Keeping our customers happy is extremely important, making relationship marketing key. By understanding how our customers use our product, we can see whether our roadmap matches up or where we need to pivot to. If we can continue to satisfy our customers and meet their needs it will go on to strengthen our relationship with them. Madly, in 2020 we did not do relationship marketing anywhere near as much as we should have. So in 2021 our customers have been a big focus - webinars, training, getting started videos and user buy-in sessions have been hugely successful for us.


SEO... the can of worms this opened up. We originally thought it was an exercise to identify what keywords we wanted to target, and then choose keywords with low competitiveness (cheap!) to plug into Adwords to give us a running start. Instead, it made us realise that the vast majority of words a marketer would typically search for are competitive, and for every problem, there is a product or service that solves it. Nobody is searching for the exact problem Paiger solves, and we'd love to be wrong about that but that is the conclusion we’ve come to. Paiger does everything a Recruitment Marketer and a Recruiter needs from finding new clients that are hiring to building your personal brand. And although we're sceptical about the impact of SEO optimised pages on our website, we're optimising anyway!


We use socials in two ways. Firstly, to educate and sell Paiger. Our main channel for this is LinkedIn which we have upped our content game on since 2020. We aim to post 3 times a day on the company pages and push some of this content to all employees too. The personal brands of our team are hugely important to us, alongside using the Paiger platform to approve marketing content and push articles we also encourage the team to put out their own opinion pieces which in turn generates inbound requests. Secondly, we utilise socials for employer branding. This strategy is used on Instragram to promote the culture and the team with promotions/ birthdays/ anniversaries/ team trips - the lot and alternate that with an inspirational quote about branding/ leadership.