Unsure of What to Post on LinkedIn? We’ve Got 20 Post Ideas

Unsure of What to Post on LinkedIn? We’ve Got 20 Post Ideas
Darren Westall March 21, 2022 Marketing

You know that you should post regularly on LinkedIn, but thinking of value-add content to share with your network can stifle your good intentions. 


Do you feel like you see the same types of polls, memes and updates on LinkedIn when you have your first scroll in the morning?


Us too – but there’s a reason behind why people are posting what they’re posting, and why certain posts get far more reach and engagement than others.


Just because you have seen the same things doesn’t mean you can’t put your own original spin on the types of content that people will not only be interested in on LinkedIn but will also want to engage with.


Never be stuck again… use these prompts and you’ll have an endless idea generation machine.

What to post on LinkedIn in 2023

Personal posts

1. Introduce yourself after a promotion or as a new position begins.  LinkedIn is the perfect platform to give your connections a better sense of who you are as a person.


2. Share a personal challenge and how you have overcome it. Show that you are resilient and can overcome any professional challenge.


3. Describe your wins that could help others to apply those same strategies. Show off your successes and help others achieve their goals.


4. Don’t be afraid to publish your losses and show your authentic self. Share your experiences and help others to learn from your mistakes.


5. Talk about a life event and how it impacted you. Share your life experiences and how they have made you who you are today.

Value posts

1. Upload a whitepaper or a relevant industry opinion piece to show your audience that you know what you are talking about.


2. Share industry surveys with your connections and let them know that their input is valuable to you.


3. Create a *good* poll that’s relevant to your market.  LinkedIn polls are a great way to start a conversation with your connections. Don’t bore them though. WFH v Office anyone?


4. Think of five tips for X, Y and Z as advice for your target audience. Share your advice and help others in their career journey.


5. Summarise a blog post that you have written or one that you have found interesting and want to share with your network.

Company posts

1. Describe a problem you solve without being too ‘salesy’. No pitches, but show what your company does and how you help people.


2. Share an industry update to show that you are keeping up with the latest trends.


3. Post your testimonials and LinkedIn recommendations. Share what others have said about you and your company.


4. Upload videos about your company, team, or product. Show off your video content often – LinkedIn’s algorithm likes video. Bonus tip: add subtitles.


5. Advertise events. If you are attending an industry event or hosting your own, let your connections know.

Industry posts

1. Share recent industry articles, whether you wrote them or not. LinkedIn is a great platform for thought-leadership.


2. Post about hot news – relevant to your market can be a great LinkedIn post. But make sure it really *is* hot news.


3. Give your opinion on X topic that’s relevant to your industry. Opinions might divide your audience, but they are a conversation starter so be brave.


4. Explain your thoughts on a market change. Show off your knowledge and help others understand the industry.


5. Be open with advice for people entering the market.  LinkedIn is a great platform for career advice. Share your insights and help others in their journey.


These are some of our best LinkedIn post ideas to keep content flowing. Everyone gets writer’s block from time to time, but with this list, you’ll never be stuck for something to post again. LinkedIn is a powerful platform – make sure you are using it to its full potential.

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