What Is Recruitment Marketing And How Can It Help Me As A Recruiter?

What Is Recruitment Marketing And How Can It Help Me As A Recruiter?
Darren Westall February 22, 2023 Marketing

For those that work in recruitment marketing, it’s a no-brainer how valuable marketing is to recruitment.


But, for recruiters, it may not be as obvious. And that’s what we are here to explain.


There are various factors involved in recruitment that will help you to expand your network, gain trust with professionals in your target market, and potentially work with new clients and candidates.


The good news is that recruitment marketing will help make this process even more streamlined and effective over time.


Here’s how.

Recruitment tips 2023

If you were to strip back exactly what it is that you’re aiming to do as a recruiter, it’s likely that most of your roles and responsibilities will fall into one of the following categories:


  1. Connecting with new candidates
  2. Connecting with new clients
  3. Retaining existing candidates
  4. Retaining existing clients


So, how can recruitment marketing help you do this?


Firstly, it’s beneficial for recruiters to break down their target audiences to know exactly who it is they’re speaking to through their marketing efforts. For example, if you are a retail recruitment manager, your target audiences may be:


  1. Managers within retail organisations
  2. HR professionals within retail organisations
  3. Existing retail employees
  4. Sales employees interested in an alternative career in retail


When you know who it is you’re targeting, you’ll then be able to tailor your messaging according to who you’re speaking to.


So, if we were to use the above example again, some examples of content marketing in the forms of blogs for each audiences could be:


  1. How to attract the best retail employees in your area
  2. Is your retail organisation adhering to recruitment best practices?
  3. How to take the next step in your retail career
  4. Why you should take the leap from sales into retail


Put yourself in the position of each audience. What would they like to read? What will interest them, or be of value to them? What will help to position you as a thought leader in your market, and help your network to trust what you’re saying?

Recruitment marketing strategy 2023

The best place to start with your recruitment marketing strategy is to increase awareness of your recruitment specialisms, generate trust with your clients and candidates, and ultimately drive your candidates and clients to take action.


You can do this by focusing on two key marketing buzzwords that you may have seen knocking about on LinkedIn:


Content marketing, and personal branding.


The two go hand in hand, and are crucial for recruitment marketing success.


Speak to your internal marketing team or the marketing agency that your recruitment company works with, and ask how you can generate some valuable content each week and distribute it to your network. 


We know how busy recruiters are, so don’t be put off by thinking that it’ll take up all your time.


Hopefully, your company’s marketing function will be able to help you create the content – and maybe even schedule it too, using an AI marketing tool – to ensure that it’s always being positioned in front of your target audiences.


Examples of content marketing are:

  • Blogs
  • Videos
  • Graphics
  • Polls
  • Downloadable documents
  • External articles and resources


And for those who aren’t up to scratch with how important personal branding is to a recruiter, it’s basically distributing your content on LinkedIn and other social channels and engaging with your target audiences as much as possible. (In a nutshell.)


If you don’t know where to start, try using a content curation tool to distribute external content to your network until you’re able to start generating your own content, or distributing content created for you by the marketing team.


As long as there’s a way for your audiences to interact and engage with you, you’re off to a flying start.

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