How To Combine Training & Automation To Supercharge Your Personal Brand

How To Combine Training & Automation To Supercharge Your Personal Brand
Leo Nathan July 1, 2022 Marketing

Employers are often faced with a choice – invest in training for their employees or invest in tech.

But what if you could combine both to supercharge the personal brands of employees?

Training or tech?

The economic climate is tough at the moment – marketers and business owners are being asked to do far more with much less – and some organisations are having to make difficult decisions.


These decisions are often around where their budget should be allocated, and whether they should be investing in tech to automate certain processes, or into training to upskill staff. 


There is, of course, the third option – combining tech and training seems to be how employers are supercharging their employees’ personal brands in 2023.

Personal branding

Combining training and automation has many benefits, not least of which will be to improve and maximise your employees’ personal brand. 


A personal brand is a vital but intangible thing, and we’ve discussed its importance before.


In brief, your personal brand is the essence of you, both personally and professionally, and it informs other people about your personality, your work ethic, your values and your reputation. 


It encompasses both what you do in your real life – your relationships with others, (colleagues, employers and friends) – and your ‘online’ life. With almost a third of large organisations saying that they have turned a candidate down because of their online activities the latter is particularly important. 


One of the most important personal branding tools is LinkedIn. Over 33 million people in the UK now have a LinkedIn account, with 14% of us using it several times a day. It’s one of the first places an employer will look to check out a potential employee, and can also have a significant impact on the reputation of companies which are associated with their representatives in the workplace.

The benefits of personal branding for employers

Personal branding benefits not only employees but also the companies that they work for. An engaged, personable, highly-motivated employee reflects well on their employer and can give your company an edge when it comes to recruiting talent when you need to. It’s something that all employers should be encouraging.


An employee’s personal branding strategy, particularly personal branding on LinkedIn, will actually strengthen your employer brand by developing credibility and trust in your organisation. Sharing a corporate message has far more impact when it comes with a personal and positive touch from an employee – the message will reach not only consumers or clients but also potential future employees, amplifying its effectiveness.


Personal branding will benefit your organisation by increasing engagement which in turn will raise your visibility. Sharing positive news about an organisation and its employees’ achievements will elevate your company’s voice, and add authenticity too.


In these difficult days of recruitment and retention, encouraging appropriate personal branding will also bolster a feeling of empowerment among your employees. If they understand that you acknowledge them as individuals, celebrate their contribution to your organisation and support them, both in work and in their leisure time, your brand as an employer will be reinforced and respected.

What can you do to encourage a personal branding strategy in your employees?

Learning how to develop a personal brand can be difficult, as not everyone has the time in their busy schedules to incorporate tech or training, let alone creating content to share on LinkedIn. Plus, shouting from the rooftops about yourself isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. 


However, having effective tools in place to automate certain processes will not only help your employees become used to the idea of investing in their personal brand, but it will help them become more productive as a result. Automating processes is an incredible time-saving tool, so if you can find a social media scheduling tool or a platform that auto-posts jobs, for example, this will save a lot of time out of your employees’ days whilst also improving their personal brand.


To encourage your employees to supercharge their personal brand, one thing you should consider is personal branding training, such as we can provide here at Paiger. This will show them how to utilise all the tools available to make the most of their LinkedIn profile, as well as providing you with all the benefits of their success. We offer cost-effective training in best practice for LinkedIn, focusing on optimising a LinkedIn profile, and our free webinars, via Paiger’s LinkedIn University, will teach users how to take their LinkedIn activity to the next level.

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It needn’t be a choice between training or tech, when so much effective training can involve innovative uses of technology to enhance not only your employees’ personal brand, but also your corporate one. Get in touch to find out how Paiger can help.

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