The Market Will Turn Eventually. What Are You Doing Now, To Ensure You Are Remembered?

The Market Will Turn Eventually. What Are You Doing Now, To Ensure You Are Remembered?
Jenny Brown April 27, 2023 Recruitment

The UK employment market is caught in a paradox. On the one hand, unemployment remains at its lowest level since 1974. On the other, job vacancies, according to the Office for National Statistics, are at a record high.


The result? Employers across multiple sectors and disciplines are competing for a seemingly shrinking pool of talent.


Yet, despite these opposing battles, political instability, a war, a cost of living crisis and soaring inflation (sheesh) what could have been a disastrous year for many recruitment businesses actually turned out to be a huge success. 


Long may it continue! But when the market does inevitably take a turn, will you and your pipeline be prepared for it?

Fail to prepare…

…prepare to fail. The trouble with being so wonderfully busy is that self-promotion and pipeline building tend to take less of a priority. Don’t worry! We’re all guilty of it.


The trouble lies in the fact that consistency is key. And if you’re not currently being consistent with all the small things, by the time the market does turn, it’ll already be too late.


Here’s our top tips to ensure you’re remembered during downturns:

1. Always maintain your presence

Only about 1% of LinkedIn’s 260 million monthly users share posts. That means the platform offers an abundance of opportunity for you to get in front of your target audience.

Hopping on and asking for business when you need it doesn’t quite cut it though.

LinkedIn is a professional platform. As such, it offers recruiters the perfect platform to demonstrate thought-leadership and share knowledge. In doing so, you will naturally become the ‘go-to’ for advice.

Being consistently present on LinkedIn means you’re working smart and keeping your name front of mind.

2. Strategise your business development

Business development is not something that happens overnight. A good business development strategy is implemented over time. Some key points to remember are:

  • Build relationships. BD isn’t about winning the client there and then. It’s about making sure you’re the one the client chooses when they are ready
  • Take lots of notes and diarise call-backs
  • Stick to promises! Call or email when you say you will
  • Don’t go in for the kill from the off - offer genuine value
  • Use content from your business or your personal brand in emails and nurture journeys where possible


Use your interactions with people to build a consistent pipeline of cold, warm and hot prospects.

3. Keep your brand consistent

This applies to both your personal brand and your company brand.


Keeping your recruitment brand consistent is important to establish a strong and recognisable identity in the minds of your potential candidates. To maintain consistency, you should start by defining your brand’s key attributes, such as your values, mission, culture, and visual identity. Once you have established these key attributes, you should ensure that they are reflected in all of your recruitment materials, including job postings, social media content, email communication, and employer branding collateral.


When it comes to your personal brand, staying authentic is key. Continuously provide value to your audience in your own way – typing as you would speak if you were face-to-face.

4. Build on relationships

Relationship building is the key to continual success. From business development to recommendations to keeping front of mind – the relationships that you build will determine how you are remembered in times of need.


Notice a theme here? Consistency is the most important trait to have if you want to continue to do well when the market is less in your favour. A go-to reputation takes time to build. You can’t just start when the going gets tough and expect to get results.

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