Relationships Are The Best Way To Find & Nurture Great Talent

Relationships Are The Best Way To Find & Nurture Great Talent
Darren Westall March 5, 2021 Recruitment

This month’s guest blog is from Great Recruiters the #1 experience & reputation management platform for recruiting firms


Staffing & recruitment professionals love to reference relationships as their key differentiator.   


But if everybody is saying it and the reputation of recruiters is so low that are many recruiters just lying? Do they like to say relationships matter because it’s the right thing to say but their actions don’t match those words?


I would not call relationships a commodity that’s not the issue. The issue is the lack of follow-through and for many firms, they’re just hollow words.


How in this digital age can relationships be the best way to find and nurture great talent?


Right now, the majority of interaction between candidates and recruiters is remote. Zoom, phone calls, and emails are the new in-person interview or get to know your cup of coffee.


Word of mouth is still the most trusted way to make a purchase, but if it were the only way, Amazon would be out of business. Instead, Amazon utilizes a product page full of reviews from real humans.


The Great Recruiters team agrees that relationships are the first step in differentiating firms, but you have to take it a step further. And who better to vouch for the quality of your product, aka your recruiters, than candidates themselves.


Like product reviews, recruiter reviews need to be easy to find and relevant to the exact product you are buying, or in our industry, the person you are working with to find a job.


Your candidates do not work with Acme Staffing; they work with Rob or Adam at Acme Staffing and associate all of their interactions with those people specifically, along with the company. Therefore when you differentiate your brand online, the best way to do so is to celebrate and promote the incredible recruiters that candidates work with every day and help those recruiters quickly build digital trust through reviews and testimonials from candidates.


If every recruiter in the world has a dedicated page with hundreds of reviews and testimonials and that page is the ‘featured’ section of their LinkedIn profile, candidates could stay on LinkedIn and quickly know whom they should work with to help them achieve their career goals.


When a sizable prospective customer puts out an RFP or is evaluating prospective staffing or recruiting partners and your firm has thousands of reviews for your recruiters that populate your company page – then it is evident who has a commitment to a high level of service and delivery and who will win the business.


Reviews are a marketing tool that can drive growth and make for easy-to-share marketing content that many companies are not currently using. 80% of the feedback on the Great Recruiters platform is positive, and all of those positive comments tell the story about the real differentiator of your brand, your recruiters, and the relationships they build with their candidates.


Let’s make it easy for the GREAT RECRUITERS to stand out.

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