Recruitment Marketing Strategy And Tips For 2023

Recruitment Marketing Strategy And Tips For 2023
Paiger Team December 5, 2022 Marketing

Has your recruitment company been investing in marketing throughout 2022? Are you seeing the results you’d like?


If not, it might be time to switch up your recruitment marketing strategy for 2023.


The problem a lot of recruitment company owners and leaders face is that they believe that marketing investment will automatically result in an instant influx of leads. Whilst leads are often the goal, your recruitment marketing strategy also needs to include brand awareness, personal branding for your recruiters, increasing your website visitors and establishing your industry authority. 




Because, over time, this will all add to your company revenue.


If you’re looking to finalise your recruitment company’s objectives for the months ahead, don’t panic. Below, we’ve created a checklist of important points to ensure you don’t miss a trick and stay ahead of the curve.

Recruitment tips 2023

1. What’s your business objective?

Your first port of call for determining your recruitment marketing strategy should be identifying what your specific business objectives are. For example, these could include:

  • Increase clients by 20%
  • Develop relationships with new candidates
  • Attract more recruiters to work at your company


When you know specifically what your business goals are, this will then give you clarity on what you’re aiming for, and how you can get there with the help of marketing.

2. Who are your key customer personas?

Having customer personas is a vital part of every recruitment marketing strategy. Without them, you won’t know who you’re talking to, or what they engage with the most. 


The best place to start is to look at your current website and social media analytics. Who follows you and engages with you the most? What sectors are they in, where are they based, and what are their interests? (You’ll be able to get into even more granular detail using Google Analytics.) Along with your existing audiences, make sure you ask your recruiters for the people they want to target, too.


When you’ve determined between 2 and 5 key customer personas, your marketing team will be able to use them effectively when planning campaigns and content. Without knowing who you’re talking to with your marketing messaging, you’ll ultimately be shouting the same information at everyone – which isn’t exactly a strategy we’d recommend!

3. What’s your marketing budget?

Recruitment companies are renowned for not having a set marketing budget in place. Our advice would be to determine your marketing budget at the beginning of each year, for the year ahead. Ideally, this should be about 3% – 5% of your annual revenue, but with inflation on the rise it’s understandable if some companies have to opt for less.


When you know specifically how much you are able to spend on your marketing efforts, this will then be divided between the cost of your marketing employees, any external marketing function you use, your website, paid advertising, and marketing automation tools to streamline your processes.

4. Where are your target audiences online?

This is a big one! Knowing where your audiences spend most of their time online is imperative to your overall marketing strategy.


For example, the most common platform for recruitment companies to invest their time in is usually LinkedIn, given that it is a professional networking site where recruiters, clients and candidates often develop their relationships. 


However, depending on the industries and sectors your recruitment company specialises in, there may be additional social media platforms that you could use to promote your content. Some of your key customer personas might spend a lot of their time online on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Stack Overflow, GitHub or Reddit, for example. When you know where they are, you’ll be able to position your content in front of them and increase brand awareness.

5. Is your website up-to-scratch?

Many recruitment companies are still reluctant to invest in a state of the art recruitment website – and we can understand why. If your budget is limited, it can be difficult to allocate the majority of it to your website.


However, when you look at the bigger picture, your website is ultimately your shop window. It’s how your clients, candidates and potential employees can learn everything about your business, what you stand for, and what you specialise in. 


It’s how your candidates can browse and apply for jobs, how clients can read testimonials and enquire about your recruitment services, and how potential employees can find out what it’s like to work at your company.


Whilst recruitment websites can be a big investment, in the long run, it’ll always be worth it – without a functional website, you’re limiting what you can do and who you can reach.

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