Recruitment Is Marketing Whether We Like It Or Not

Recruitment Is Marketing Whether We Like It Or Not
Darren Westall June 12, 2021 Marketing

Too many recruitment companies are still falling behind on their recruitment marketing resource. It’s the age-old story that recruitment companies don’t want to invest in a large marketing team, or pay extortionate marketing agency fees, when they don’t “need it”. Some recruiters may believe cold calling and scouring your company database is all they need to do.


That’s where the education part comes in from marketers. Because, the truth is – recruitment is marketing.

How is recruitment marketing?

How many times a day do you hear your team leader ask how many leads you have? One of the main purposes of marketing in recruitment is to bring in leads, whether it’s B2B (client leads) or B2C (candidates). Therefore, if part of your current role is bringing in candidate or client leads, this will mean you have been engaging in your own marketing without realising it. Think about it…

1. Job advertising

Whether it’s traditional job adverts being shared on your company website and a variety of job boards, or you’ve been thinking outside of the box and sharing images or videos on LinkedIn about jobs you are recruiting for, this is marketing. Content marketing is one of the most successful ways to nurture leads and make yourself or your brand recognisable to your target audience. Therefore, if you are regularly sharing job adverts, this is a great place to start. (But you shouldn’t solely rely on this to bring in candidates.)

2. Social media

Here at Paiger, we like to share a lot of blogs about personal branding because we know the true value of it in recruitment. The best place for any recruiter to start when building a professional brand or profile online is always LinkedIn.


Not only is the platform perfect for you to find potential candidates and clients and start conversations with them, but it is also the best place to share content and get the leads to come to you. If you have an opinion on something industry-related, or you simply want your connections to be able to recognise your name and face and remember who you work for, social media is the best place to make this happen. Connect with as many relevant people as possible, increase your engagement, and follow up with people. This may sound like recruitment, but it is also, in fact, marketing.

3. Sharing candidate or client information

What’s the first thing you do when you speak to a candidate about a new role that is relevant to them? You tell them all the amazing things about the company the role is with, and how fantastic the job opportunity is. Similarly, what is the first thing you do when briefing in an incredible candidate to your client about a job they’re trying to fill? You tell them all the key points about how fantastic your candidate is, and why they’re the best available in the market.


This can be seen as “selling” the client to the candidate or vice versa, but it all starts with marketing. Deciding on how you want to “brand” your candidate – such as their key skills, their experience and their perfect culture fit all in a quick elevator pitch – takes some serious marketing skills. Of course, closing a deal with a candidate or client takes excellent sales skills, but even getting to that stage takes excellent marketing know-how.

4. Careers page or microsite

Does your company have a careers page, specifically dedicated to hiring staff at your company? Do your clients have similar pages on their websites, or entire microsites dedicated to recruiting the top talent? This is the perfect example of recruiting being marketing. Without these pages, these businesses wouldn’t appear in SERPs for potential candidates to find them. In addition to this, it looks great from a candidate perspective prior to an interview if they visit the company website and there is an entire section of the website dedicated to explaining why they’re an employer of choice. 


Don’t forget to ask your marketing team if you want any updates or changes made to this page or site – it’s one of the most important parts of your role as a recruiter.

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