Recruitment Agencies: Does Size Matter?

Recruitment Agencies: Does Size Matter?
Darren Westall November 15, 2021 Recruitment

When it comes to building a recruitment business, the age-old question is: does size really matter? From a vanity point of view, of course it does. Most, if not all, recruitment businesses want to be the biggest and the best and be able to say they’ve worked with some of the most well-known brands in their sector. 




But is size really what it’s all about when it comes to attracting talent and new clients? Is it all about what you “look” like, or more about the actual substance of what your business has to offer?


Here are a few points to consider.

What type of recruitment business do you want to build?

The type of recruitment business you’re looking to build and be known for is your starting block. If you want to be a small, go-to recruiter in your local area, an SME, or even a global player – you need to know clearly what you’re aiming for. If you’re wondering why this is, it’s simple:


No matter what size your business is, there are some vital things you need to do in the early stages.

1. You need to build relationships with key people in your industry

Network. Network. Network. No matter which industry or sector your business is recruiting in, you need to establish some strong relationships early on. There is a huge amount of competition in the recruitment industry, so making sure you have trusted clients and candidates – even if it only starts off as a handful of faithful people – is very important.


Not only will they be able to give you business now and in the future, but they’ll also more than likely be able to introduce you to further connections. Their friends, family, colleagues and neighbours are all potential candidates and clients, so if they’ve had a great working relationship with you, they’re more likely to recommend you to other people.


Aligning yourself and your brand to what’s happening in the industry you’re recruiting in, highlighting the success stories of individuals and companies and showing you know what you’re talking about is key.

2. You need to establish your brand

No, we’re not talking about your logo and the font on your website. That’s your branding. Your brand is what you are known for, and how you make people feel when they interact with your business online. 


Having a brand that people recognise when they see it on LinkedIn, for example, is only achieved over time through building your brand and creating authority. Plus, it’s an ongoing task – ensuring your tone of voice online is consistent, and that you are reliable in terms of communication, is all vital when it comes to continually maintaining your brand. 


If you’re not sure where to start with establishing your brand for your recruitment company, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What do I want my business to be known for?
  • Who do I want to know about my business?
  • How do I want to make people feel when they interact with my business?


This goes for personal brands, too. If you’re a recruiter considering moving companies soon, your personal brand plays a big part, as well as your recruiting skills of course. It’s not all about how your business comes across to its audience online – it’s also about how clients and candidates in your network recognise you. What do they think of when they see your name pop up on LinkedIn? Have you shared enough industry-relevant content to be memorable?

3. It’s simple: experience over enterprise

We can guarantee that any business looking to hire, or any candidate looking to find a new job, will value the service you provide for them over the size of your business. As long as you are easy to communicate with, responsive and supportive whilst providing an excellent service, anyone working with you will feel that they have chosen the right recruiter, or recruitment company.

So, ask yourselves again, recruitment agencies - does size matter?

In short, the answer is no.


We can understand why you might think it does – some businesses or candidates might automatically opt for the bigger players, simply because they can remember the name of the business having seen it so often.


That’s where Paiger can help.


Not only do we help you build a presence online by ensuring your content is consistently in front of your target audiences, but we also help you compete with established names. Just because there are some big, well-known recruitment companies out there doesn’t mean they’re better at recruiting than you are!


All you need to do is:

  • Stay connected to as many people on LinkedIn as possible, and keep the conversation going, whether you’re currently working with them or not
  • Share content to spark up conversations - these can be your own pieces of content if you want to write something, or a piece of content shared by your business. You can even share third party content from other websites as long as it’s relevant
  • Respond to people - it might seem like a tedious task, but if people message you or comment on a post of yours on LinkedIn, always reply. You never know who might see it, and you want to ensure your audience remembers you as being responsive and easy to communicate with
  • Keep your messaging consistent - make sure anyone you’re connected with knows who you are and what you do simply by the consistency of what you share online. Don’t overcomplicate things - keep it simple!

Find out more

There’s plenty of ways Paiger can help you with all of the above. Not only do we help with the consistency of your messaging, but we can advise on what you should be sharing, when, and most importantly – how. (We make your life easier, in case you’re wondering!)

Get in touch here to find out how we can help your recruitment business, regardless of how big or small your company might be.

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