Your Recruiters Aren’t Marketers But They Need To Be Visible

Your Recruiters Aren’t Marketers But They Need To Be Visible
Jenny Brown July 12, 2022 Marketing

You might think that recruitment and marketing have nothing in common. 


Both are extremely specialised and skilled disciplines with their own highly-defined set of objectives, and you’d be forgiven for thinking that there are no overlapping areas.


However, both specialities rely on high levels of visibility to achieve their aims and objectives, which are to engage with an audience, market a ‘product’, find new ways to communicate, and ultimately contribute towards an organisation’s success. 


Let’s take a look at some of the ways recruitment owners can encourage more visibility.

Personal branding

We’re sure that you’re well aware of the power of employer branding – the way in which an organisation presents its core values and philosophy to its customers and employees to differentiate it from its competitors. 


Did you also know that employees play a vital role in a business’ employer branding too? Recruitment owners are starting to discover how a recruitment consultant’s personal brand can amplify and enhance a corporate one, especially via social media. 


With a recruiter’s personal brand, when your employees share on social media they’re acting as a brand ambassador for your organisation, and when you consider that the average LinkedIn user has around 1,300 contacts, and that the ‘average’ recruitment agency has around five recruiters working for it, that’s a lot of reach every time an individual posts to their feed. 


If your recruitment employees haven’t started their own personal branding development, what can you do to encourage and support them?

Training and development

Let’s face it – recruitment is tough at the moment. Not only is there increasing competition for clients, but the global talent shortage is making it even more difficult to attract the right talent for the vacancies you have.


In the same way that elite athletes win by capitalising on the tiniest of percentages, you must take every method at your disposal to highlight the differences between your recruitment agency and others to increase your visibility and, more often than not, that difference is your employees. 


To start with, provide your employees with comprehensive training and development opportunities to upskill and hone in on their marketing skills that may be buried deep down somewhere. 


You can also remind them of basic advice on a weekly basis, such as:


  • Encourage them to maintain their LinkedIn profile. It should be up-to-date and be linked with not only your business and their colleagues, but also collaborating with your marketing department, or, if you outsource your marketing functions, the company that handles that on your behalf.
  • Share updates about your business, the people within it, the feedback they’ve received, blog posts, and about vacancies that you’re advertising – in the latter case, it will improve your reach massively and will also attract passive candidates.
  • Encourage your recruiters to take time out of their day to comment on and share others LinkedIn users’ posts, too – it demonstrates an interest in and knowledge of their industry, which will reflect well on your business and keep your name at the forefront of the minds of potential talent.
  • Make sure that any links to vacancies that your team shares lead directly to the appropriate page of your website to simplify and streamline the application process.

What else can you do?

One of the simplest methods of increasing your recruiters’ visibility is to automate the process. 


Paiger has a range of features that will automatically share job vacancies, relevant content, tag comments and videos, and targeted keywords which will raise your recruiters’ profiles and help drive traffic toward your website. 


For behind-the-scenes research, there are also tools to assist in personalising your social media as well as harnessing the power of metrics to evaluate your corporate reach. 


If you haven’t already considered the effectiveness of personal branding, 2023 is the year to start. Book a demo with us today to find out more.

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