How to Involve Recruiters in Your Social Media Marketing

How to Involve Recruiters in Your Social Media Marketing
Darren Westall January 19, 2021 Marketing

Anyone who works within a marketing team at a recruitment company will understand the struggle when it comes to involving recruiters in your social media marketing. We get it – recruiters spend their day speaking to clients, being briefed on roles, scrolling through your company database looking for candidates, searching for people on LinkedIn, organising interviews and making countless phone calls every single day. And that’s just the beginning.


However, now is the time to start educating recruiters on how marketing will specifically benefit them, particularly on social media.

Which Social Media Platforms Should Recruiters Use?

All recruiters have a large network of connections that they’ve built up over the years – but are they utilising it properly? Recruitment consultants may simply be using LinkedIn to search for potential candidates, stay in touch with clients and to advertise the occasional job. They’re barely scraping the surface of LinkedIn’s potential.


First of all, start off by telling them that 73% of 18-34 year-olds found their last job through social media. If they are sharing content on social media every day – whether it’s their own status update, or sharing something from your company page – they are putting themselves in front of their target audience. Making their face known with their connections and wider target audience on LinkedIn will, over time, help them to be recognised by clients and candidates in the future.


Secondly, let them know that statistics show that 89% of recruiters say they have hired someone off of LinkedIn. This shouldn’t be seen as a last resort – it should be at the forefront of their minds and on their to-do list every morning. The potential for new business and connecting with potential candidates on LinkedIn is extensive.

How Do I Get Recruiters Interested In Marketing?

Start off with something simple – show them some statistics. Use examples from last year of a particular campaign, piece of content or an update on a company account that was shared far and wide by the recruitment staff. Once they see how many people can be reached if they take the time to share your marketing material, you’ll have their attention.


Then, give them examples of the type of content you’ll be sharing, and how it’ll benefit them specifically if they share your content on social media going forward. Ask them what they want. Do they want to appear in any videos to be shared on social media and start conversations with clients? Do they want to be the “author” of a blog series encouraging candidates to get in touch? Do they want new, innovative ways to advertise jobs on social media instead of solely relying on your company database and a few job boards? Give them a list of possibilities they can be involved with, such as:

  • Blogs - the options are endless
  • Video interviews with recruiters, answering common recruitment questions
  • Video job adverts, catching the eyes of candidates on social media
  • Whitepapers
  • Research pieces
  • Twitter polls linking back to their contact details
  • LinkedIn polls with CTAs


Showing recruiters what their competitors are doing on social media can kick them into gear, too. Use a few examples from your biggest competitors’ social channels, and show them the potential this has. Once they’ve seen that recruiters from other companies are sharing content far and wide on social media and building professional relationships as a result, they might realise they need to get on board.

How Do I Show Them It’s Not A Big Task?

That’s the main problem: many recruiters think that getting involved in social media marketing is a big job. That’s where they’re wrong. Reassure them that all they have to do is put their name and face against some content, and share said content as and when it goes live. The marketing team does the bulk of the work, but they need to be the face of the company wherever possible.


Show them how to share posts on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, directly from your company accounts with just the click of a button. Better yet, give them examples of platforms they can use to make the process of sharing all company-related content quick and easy.


Paiger is an example of a platform that will make a recruiter’s life easier. Not only does it enable them to share posts on LinkedIn and Twitter, but it also gives them the ability to opt-in to sharing via text or email. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?


It’s not!

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