Expand Your Reach On Instagram: Another New Instagram Feature

Expand Your Reach On Instagram: Another New Instagram Feature
Darren Westall July 28, 2021 Marketing

Calling all marketers, we’re back with another Instagram feature change. Instagram has announced the development of language translation for stories. Automatically translating text in stories when detecting a foreign language. It has been reported that this feature will be available globally and support over 90 languages. 

What does this mean, marketers?

👉 Sharing content to an international audience is easier. 

👉 Improving your reach.

👉 Improved user experience and accessibility.

👉 Connecting people and brands in a way like never before.

This change creates parity between Instagram stories and standard posting. In 2016, Instagram developed a feature of automatically translating comments, captions and user bios. But now, Instagram has decided to connect the world by making it easier to understand foreign languages across the platform altogether.

As per this change, Instagram will include a “See translation” option on a story post if a new language has been detected. Once clicked, the translation will appear within the story. 

Instagram might not stop at text translation. The future possibility of detecting and translating audio hasn’t yet been ruled out by Instagram. Should we expect to see this feature next?

This development brings about a significant change for millions of Instagram users, enabling brands to reach mass audiences, connecting and communicating across 90 different languages. 

Instagram is making some huge changes this year, that’s for sure.

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