6 Ways To Share Your Blog Content

6 Ways To Share Your Blog Content
Cameron McLennan February 16, 2023 Marketing

Recruitment companies are usually within one of three camps when it comes to having an effective recruitment marketing blog:


  1. Writing impactful blogs and distributing them properly
  2. Writing impactful blogs and not distributing them properly
  3. Not investing in a blog


This blog is for numbers two and three on the list, because not only is it vital to your recruitment marketing strategy to have a regularly updated blog based on topics that will interest your target audiences, but it’s also crucial to distribute them properly. If you aren’t, the chances are that you are wasting time, money and resource.


Here’s six helpful tips on how to make sure your recruitment marketing blog is reaching the right people.

1. Get consultants involved

It’s one thing for the marketing team within your recruitment company to share blogs on LinkedIn and other social channels, but they aren’t usually the people with the most valuable networks when it comes to your target audience. (Unless you work in a marketing recruitment company, of course.)


Recruitment consultants are the ones with extensive networks on LinkedIn, full of potential clients and candidates, meaning that their profiles should be utilised as much as possible when it comes to distributing blogs.


It’s not enough to simply post blogs on your recruitment company website and share them on your company social channels – you need to ensure that your recruiters are positioning them directly in front of your target audiences, too.

2. Utilise social media

There are various avenues you can go down when it comes to distributing your recruitment blogs on social media, and we suggest you trial a few different options to see what is the most successful for your company. What works for one business won’t necessarily work for another.


The various avenues include:

  • Sharing blogs on your company’s social media channels such as your LinkedIn company page, Twitter account, Facebook page etc
  • Sharing blogs on your recruiters’ personal LinkedIn profiles with their individual thoughts
  • Sharing blogs directly on social media with people who you think would benefit or be interested in them
  • Sharing the blogs with relevant media outlets and publishing partners via social media as a reference point for a particular industry topic
  • Using paid advertising to position your blogs in front of specific audiences


Of course, using PPC is always dependent on your recruitment company’s marketing budget, but is often an effective tool. But, first of all, you need to start with sharing all blogs on your company social channels, and enabling your recruiters to share them from their personal profiles.

3. Invest in a scheduling tool

In order to streamline the process of sharing your recruitment blogs on LinkedIn in particular, it’s usually a good idea to invest in a social media scheduling tool for recruiters.


Not only will this help them to share blog content in a quick and easy way without having to manually post every single time there is a new blog live, but it also means they can plan ahead with the content they are sharing on a weekly basis.

Plus, depending on the AI marketing tool that you choose, this can also mean that your recruiters are able to auto-post jobs directly from the same platform.

4. Set up reminders for people sharing content

Reminders – we all need them.


But when it comes to reminding recruitment consultants to share blog content, this is always a necessity. 


Until they’re in the habit, that is.


Set up reminders for people sharing your recruitment company’s blog content. Whether it’s a calendar invite for them to see every morning reminding them to approve scheduled posts, or an email going out company wide to give people a nudge, it’s always useful to give recruiters a little push to share your blog content in case they have forgotten.


Over time, after they see the success it brings, these reminders will be required far less.

5. Educate colleagues on the importance of blog distribution

It’s not just the marketing team and the recruitment consultants that need to understand the importance of effective blog distribution – it’s every single employee.


It’s unlikely that everyone will equally see the value of content marketing, but as long as they’re educated on the importance of sharing company content, you’ll increase your chances of it reaching as many people as possible.


Do training sessions with individual teams – from finance and IT, to admin and sales – to explain in layman’s terms how crucial distributing blogs is to the company’s marketing strategy. That way, when it comes to approving scheduled social posts, they will always make sure it’s done.

6. Email marketing campaigns

Of course, we can’t forget about the OG: email marketing.


Email marketing campaigns are one of the most successful and direct ways to distribute your blog content to your target audiences and, through doing so, you’ll be able to see what is resonating with these demographics and what isn’t.


Try out a few different times of day, varying formats, and different options when it comes to tone of voice and messaging – when you start to see patterns in CTRs and conversions with your email campaigns, you’ll know how to effectively distribute your blogs via email going forward.

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