5 Ways To Make The Most Out Of Your Content Marketing

5 Ways To Make The Most Out Of Your Content Marketing
Darren Westall November 19, 2020 Marketing

Keeping your personal and company brand active is crucial right now. You need to make sure that you’re standing out in your industry and an easy way to do that is content marketing; LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter are great social platforms to keep active. Here are our 5 ways to make the most out of your content marketing:

1. Curated Content 

Sharing relevant and insightful curated content from outside sources is a great place to start – hand pick your content that is relevant to your target audience and start to engage with your network through this curated content. Try, adding your own commentary, perhaps – ask a question or give your opinion around the article or blog you’re sharing. By keeping the content valuable and interesting, you’re introducing yourself to a network of peers to engage with and who may possibly share it. 

2. Engage With Others

Concentrate on other people’s content just as much as your own. Like it, share it, comment on it – it comes back to introducing yourself to your peers but it works. This way you’re participating in a conversation, sharing ideas and gaining knowledge – you’re letting people who know you are and what you do. 


As time goes on, if you’re regularly engaging in other people’s content, you’ll begin to build your personal brand and relationships too! 


Never, ever just like a comment – it’s a big no no! You’re instantly closing off the conversation – always reply to a comment. 

3. Timing 

Just like timing plays a huge role in life, it also plays a huge role in social media and content marketing. There will always be peaks and troughs in terms of when to share and every network will be different. Work out yours and then, post at those times! Perhaps, even look at investigating in scheduling software (Paiger’s scheduler is pretty cool, you should check that out!😜) but it allows you to strategically time your content. As well as ensuring you reach people in different time zones!


Regardless of the time, the principle remains the same – content is key to social selling. It allows engagement to happen.

4. Include Pictures

Photos are great – and original photographs are even better. They are such an effective way to build rapport with others and see engagement boom!


Remember, people buy from people. During this strange lockdown period, taking a quick picture of you – perhaps juggling a Zoom meeting with homeschooling your child, whilst keeping the dog from barking is absolutely fine – a quick picture of that will resonate with people!

5. Be A Thought Leader 

A term that not everybody likes, but it’s true when it comes to content marketing. Probably the hardest thing to do is find the time to sit down and write original content but there are ways to do this without spending hours. 


If you have time to write a quick original piece of content, great. But if not, that’s also ok. How about recording a quick video? I am sure you could spare 30-60 seconds of your day jumping in front of the camera. By uploading original content like that and sharing value with your network, you’ll see the results.


Let people know your thoughts and engage with theirs too. Positive or negative! People want to understand who you are and what your views are – your personality and your personal brand are communicated effectively through your content. 

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