5 Things CEOs Don’t Ask About Marketing, But Should

5 Things CEOs Don’t Ask About Marketing, But Should
Cameron McLennan March 20, 2023 Marketing

“What’s the return on investment?”

“How many followers do we have now?”

“Why are we not getting immediate big ticket leads?”


All questions that have been on the tongues of CEOs for years. But are they the right questions? 


Asking challenging questions to marketing departments can be an important element when evaluating strategies and tactics. Posting surgical, cutting questions will be the difference between keeping a machine running, and optimising the machine’s output.


So what are the questions to be asking? We’ve got you covered.

1. How do I measure the effectiveness of marketing correctly?

Ultimately ROI is the easiest way to measure success. 


The concept at the centre of it is simple: However much you spend on marketing, must be outperformed by the measurable net income gained from marketing activities. 


Every output of marketing, from paid advertisements to website SEO must demonstrate its value. Whether through lead generation, brand awareness, employee advocacy, search rankings and so on.

2. How do you separate sales and marketing?

If either or both arms are unaware of their remit, are there tasks not being done? Ensure both communicate and collaborate effectively. Understanding how both teams operate will allow you to understand what’s missing, what’s not being communicated and most importantly, what’s not working and what is.


Although they are separate entities, sales and marketing ultimately are working towards the same goal. Working together like the wheels of a bike. Sales providing the force to keep the business moving forward, and marketing providing the focus and direction.

3. How does my sales team get the "good leads"?

They’re like unicorn horns. Those juicy leads CEOs go to sleep dreaming about. But what can you be asking of your marketing team to ensure they’re doing the right things to get them.


The best leads are ones that are familiar with your brand and have been nurtured by you for months, buttering them up with emails and targeted ads ready for your sales team to pull the trigger.


Ask them: Are we sending emails? Are we sending follow up emails? Are we targeting appropriate job roles? Has a particular contact been visiting our website a lot recently?

4. How important is social media?

A trap many CEO’s fall into is getting hung up on followers and engagement on social media. These aren’t the numbers you should be measuring. 


Yeah it’s great to have loads of followers and good engagement. But what are they getting you? Ask deeper questions and avoid sweating over vanity numbers. 


Does the content we put out matter to our target audiences? Does our EVP content do well with our staff? What sort of posts drive the appropriate traffic to our site?


There’s a chasm of information you could be missing out on if you’re not asking the right questions in regards to social media.

5. How do we stand out against our competition?

You do things differently right? You know it, we know it. But do your audiences know it? 


If you have a tone of voice or a style guide. Make sure it is reflected in all your content. That is your voice. And no one should be able to replicate it.


A lot of marketing output can feel like doing it for the sake of doing it. But if you invest, both time and money. Marketing will be the definitive factor in making you stand out from the competition.

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