5 Secrets For Posting Consistently On LinkedIn That Actually Work

5 Secrets For Posting Consistently On LinkedIn That Actually Work
Paiger Team October 3, 2022 Marketing

When you scroll on your LinkedIn feed every morning or lunch time, do you feel like there are certain people consistently sharing content that gets a lot of engagement? This is because a lot of people out there – in the recruitment world, particularly – are seeing the value in building their personal brand.


However, a big part of building your personal brand comes down to posting consistently. You can’t simply write one or two incredible blogs a month, share them on LinkedIn and expect amazing results – you need to build trust with your audience by posting consistently, at least three times a week.


The thing is – we know how busy you are. Posting a blog, news article, status update, video, poll or photo might not be top of your priority list. We get it.


But there are a few secrets that’ll help you post consistently on LinkedIn that actually work.


Here’s Paiger’s secrets to how you can maintain consistency when posting on LinkedIn:

1. Don’t overthink it

If you have a neverending to-do list, trying to summon the mental capacity for a LinkedIn post might seem too much for you. The key is not to overthink it – have a search for some industry-relevant news or something your audiences will find interesting. Don’t put too much time and thought into it, or you’ll be sat scratching your head for days, while your competitors have already posted three times this week.

2. Remember why you do what you do

Why is it that you work in recruitment? Do you simply want to make lots of money? Do you want to develop a career you can be proud of? Do you want to help your clients and candidates develop their businesses and find their dream jobs? Whatever it is, remember this when you’re struggling to find the inspiration to post consistently. The more you post and engage, the bigger your network will grow, and the quicker you’ll achieve your goals.

3. Know your audience

Whether it’s potential clients, candidates or both, you need to know who you’re talking to when you’re posting on LinkedIn. If you want to target business leaders in a specific industry or sector, have a think about the type of content they’ll want to see and engage with on their LinkedIn feed. Similarly, consider what your ideal candidates will interact with on LinkedIn, and tailor the content you share accordingly. No matter what it is you post, make sure it’s something useful, interesting or entertaining to the people you want to work with.

4. Plan your content ahead of time

You know when your parents used to ask you to make sure your clothes and bag were ready for school the next day before you went to bed? That’s because planning ahead of time saves us a lot less stress in the future. Have a look for a few articles that you want to share during the week ahead, and put some time aside to write a blog or record a video. Whatever it is, using a social media scheduling tool to get your content ready to go out throughout the week will help save you a lot of hassle during your working hours.

5. Remember who you’re up against

Recruitment is a competitive industry. Take a look on LinkedIn, not only at your colleagues, but at consultants in other recruitment companies that recruit in the same sectors that you do. The likelihood is, you’ll see a few names and faces that you recognise, simply because they post consistently and you’ve seen their content before. If this is the case, keep it in the back of your mind as ammunition when you’re trying to remember why consistency is key.

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