4 Tips to Enable Your Sales Team to Share Content

4 Tips to Enable Your Sales Team to Share Content
Paiger Team January 31, 2023 Sales

Is your sales team a bit slow to act when it comes to sharing the marketing content you’ve tirelessly created and provided them with?


Don’t worry – you’re not alone, and there’s plenty of other marketers out there who feel the same pain.


Salespeople – it’s not your fault. We know you’re busy selling. But social selling is vital, too.


But, in order to achieve your overall business objectives, it’s crucial for marketing and sales to work together as the two go hand in hand.


Yes, the sales team can create their own leads – but wouldn’t it be brilliant if sharing your marketing team’s content would create even more leads?


Here’s four tips for marketers – and salespeople, if you’re curious – on how to enable your sales team to share content.

1. Target their key audiences

When it comes to the content you want your sales team to share, one wall you might be running into is that the content you’re providing them isn’t relevant to their target audience. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • How many industries and sectors does our sales team work with?
  • What do these demographics look like?
  • Are we creating generic content, or content relevant to each demographic separately?


Here’s an example.


If you work within a tech recruitment company, and your recruiters are searching for DevOps Engineers, Full Stack Developers, Software Architects and Data Analysts, these four groups of people won’t all be interested in the same content. 


If you create content relevant to each demographic, the recruiters within your organisation will be far more likely to share the content that will generate conversations with people in their networks.

2. Make it original

If your sales team isn’t interested in sharing the content you’ve created – ask yourself why that might be.


Despite the blood sweat and tears you may have put into it, if there’s a thousand more iterations of similar content that they’ve seen before, they might not be automatically inclined to share it. 


Regardless of whether your sales team fully understands the ins and outs of social media selling, it’s important for them to feel involved and keen to share content that they think is engaging, informative and interesting. 


We suggest organising monthly meetings to discuss their current pain points as a way to generate content ideas. That way, the content you’re creating will be directly related to the clients, customers or candidates they’re looking to build relationships with.

3. Educate them on their sales personal brand

Personal branding isn’t anything new – salespeople, and recruiters especially, have been developing their personal brands on LinkedIn for years now.


With that being said, not all those who work in sales will necessarily understand the importance of sharing a variety of different types of content, in different formats and targeted towards different people.


Here’s another example.


Say you work at a SaaS company and a member of your sales team, Kyle, is looking to speak to owners and business leaders within the marketing sector. Kyle’s personal brand on LinkedIn should be based around a wide variety of content that positions him as a thought leader in his sector, as well as someone personable that people will remember. He could be sharing content such as:

  • Blogs about different marketing insights
  • Videos of him talking about something industry-related
  • Personal photos, showing his out-of-work life
  • Information about upcoming marketing events
  • Demo videos of the software he sells
  • Company updates based on customer feedback

4. Make it as easy as possible

Marketers know that it doesn’t take long to share content on social media – but from a sales team’s perspective, it might just seem like another thing to add to their neverending to-do list.


If you’re emailing people asking them to share your most recent posts, or sending them links or documents to put in social media posts, you may find yourself chasing them two or three times before they actually share it (if at all).


Try out a marketing automation tool to make the process quick, easy and straightforward. Paiger, for example (you saw this coming didn’t you?) is an AI assistant that enables people to schedule social media posts, curate content, and *so* much more. 


It makes salespeople’s lives so much easier – and, if they are lucky enough to have a marketing team scheduling content for them, all they have to do is reply to a text or an email with the word “yes” for it to be shared to their social channels.

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