3 Strategies For Utilising Technology For Recruitment Marketing

3 Strategies For Utilising Technology For Recruitment Marketing
Darren Westall March 24, 2023 Marketing

Sometimes it can seem like the phrase “technology” is intimidatingly huge, and if we’re honest it is. 


It can often seem like a catch-all phrase for anything that contains a basic amount of processing power whether it be a toaster or a quantum computer.


But pinpointing which areas of your business or process can be enhanced by technology is a bit of a puzzle.


If you’re a recruitment consultant how can you make use of some of the useful tools available to you? 


Or if you’re a CEO or business owner of a recruitment agency, how can you ensure your marketing output is optimised using all the latest bells and whistles available. 


Let’s break it down…

1. Sourcing

Let’s start with the bread and butter of any recruiter. The groundwork. Finding candidates and advertising jobs.


Sometimes the simplest answer can be the best. And social media, specifically LinkedIn, is that simple answer.


With a destination, now all we need is the route. How do you use social media in an effective way as a recruiter? 


Engaging content. Another simple answer, we know. But this needs to be at the centre of your LinkedIn account. Whether you’re a consultant or company, ensure your feed is littered consistently (the key word being – consistently) with good blogs, interesting insights and most importantly job listings in an engaging content form like a GIF. 


Remember to read. There are always interesting things to be learnt, updates are pretty regular and things can change. Our Paiger Academy will keep you well informed on all things social.


But how about those job listings? Ensuring the content of your adverts are fully optimised is crucial. Lead with keywords, outline identifiable qualifications and make sure your ads avoid pitfalls like biases, spelling mistakes or inappropriate language.


Getting the right tone and layering information in a coherent way can be the difference between a good candidate and a great one.


When you work with Paiger we’ll alert you to any red flags that might’ve been overlooked in your job adverts. Find out more here.

2. Screening

Ask your candidates to show, not tell. Technical interviewing is the way you can ensure the people you are screening are able to demonstrate their skills in a measurable way. 


This will be a challenge for them. But it’ll be worth it for everyone. You’ll identify a suitable candidate, candidates will understand what will be required of them in a role and clients will get a valuable employee.


There are some great tools available for you to uncover the secrets of designing a technical interview. This tool by InterviewBit provides an interesting insight into top companies interviewing processes.

3. How does my sales team get the "good leads"?

A CRM system should be the beating heart of your marketing process. Keep track of everything, from likes and comments to downloads of assets. Once a user has interacted with you enough times they are a prime lead and are ready to be contacted. 


Too many organisations still rely on massive spreadsheets with the same formatted cells and lack of automation. There are some really high level CRM systems with hundreds of integrations as well as some cheaper lighter versions suitable for smaller purposes.


Technology is the norm now. In the past newspaper ads and billboards were the marketing industry standard, now we’re approaching an age where AI and machine learning is poking its head out. 


Keep evolving and adopting new technologies whatever industry you’re in and who knows… maybe one day we’ll all be waiting for our toast to pop out a bluetooth enabled smart toaster.

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