What Is Employer Branding and How Can It Grow Your Business?

What Is Employer Branding and How Can It Grow Your Business?
Scott Cameron November 15, 2022 Marketing

In today’s digital age, the subcategories of different types of branding are becoming increasingly more important, particularly from a recruitment perspective.


If your organisation is currently hiring or planning to hire new employees in the near future, it is absolutely essential that you have established a strategic and clear employer brand to be able to position your business as an employer of choice.


Not only will it entice the top talent to come and work for you, but it’ll also help you grow your business.


Let’s dive a little deeper into how important employer branding is, and how it can help you scale.

What is an employer brand?

Employer branding in recruitment is how a recruitment company positions itself to its target audience when in the process of hiring people. Employer branding is a form of branding and marketing that is used to introduce your business as a great place to work, and is not just for potential employees, but for your existing workforce, too.


And, unbeknownst to some business leaders, employer branding is vital when it comes to your bottom-line. According to research conducted by LinkedIn, a good employer brand can reduce turnover rates by 28%, and cut your costs-per-hire by 50%. 


Examples of what contributes to your employer branding include:

  • Benefits and perks - your benefits package is a huge contributing factor, and candidates will want to know their flexible working options, career development opportunities and other benefits that will help them both in and outside of work
  • Company culture - getting feedback from your existing employees is a great way to pinpoint what your company culture is really like, and all the things they like about it
  • Testimonials - having quotes from your current employees is an excellent way to demonstrate how and why your organisation is a great place to work
  • Office and workplace - the environment in which your employees work is an essential element of your employer brand, as employees will want a place where they feel valued, relaxed and able to do their jobs effectively
  • Social events - although they aren’t the top of the priority list, knowing that there’s regular social events hosted by an organisation will help potential employees feel valued
  • Awards - giving your employees monthly, quarterly or annual awards as recognition for their hard work and dedication, as well as individual achievements, is another way to boost your employer brand and help your workforce feel valued

How will an employer brand help to grow my business?

There are two key points to remember when asking how an employer brand will help to grow your business:


  1. Attraction, and 
  2. Retention.


Having a strong employer brand in today’s competitive job market isn’t just about attracting the best people to come and work at your company. It’s also about retaining the talent you currently have on board.


If your employer brand strategy isn’t as strong as your competitors, it could result in losing your people to employers who have a long list of reasons why their employees want to join their company, and stay.

What are the most important factors to consider when developing an employer brand?

First of all, make sure what you’re promoting and offering is genuine. Don’t advertise on your careers page or website that you offer flexible, hybrid working, if your employees are actually expected to be in the office four out of five days a week. Similarly, don’t tell your potential employees that there are career development opportunities, if you don’t have plans in place to make this happen for everyone in equal measure.


Secondly, make sure it’s competitive; the best way to do this is to look at what your direct competitors are doing, as well as getting feedback from your employees. For example, don’t offer your employees office pool tables and mandatory social events if they would actually prefer a career development plan and flexible work hours. 


Particularly if your competitors are offering what they want!

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