Treating Your Personal Brand Like You Would a Financial Investment

Treating Your Personal Brand Like You Would a Financial Investment
Leo Nathan April 23, 2022 Marketing

No matter what kind of financial investment you make, if you’ve done your research you will  know you are in it for the long-run, and there will be ebbs and flows along the way. 


If you are investing in stocks or cryptocurrencies, for example, you may see some great numbers one day then an unexpected fall the next – but you can’t lose hope every time there is a minor change in the results when they don’t meet your expectations.


The same can be said for your personal brand. It is not an overnight success, and for it to benefit you effectively in the long-term, you need to ensure you are consistent and patient if you are focusing on personal brand ROI.

How to invest in your recruiter personal brand

You may or may not have seen Paiger’s previous blogs on the benefits of investing in your personal brand, but if you haven’t, I suggest you put a pot of coffee on and get ready to scroll and learn.


If you have seen them, you’ll know that investing in your personal brand as a recruiter is just as important in 2023 as nurturing clients, providing feedback to candidates, writing impactful job adverts and building relationships with as many people in your target sectors as possible. 


In the same way that you don’t expect to fill every single job overnight, and you’re committed to putting the work in to find the perfect candidate, the same kind of commitment is needed for your personal brand.


For example:

  • Put time and effort into building your network:
    Connect with both active and potential candidates and clients, and be sure to introduce yourself to those who accept (without being salesy)
  • Share content regularly:
    Post a LinkedIn status update, share a photo, record a video, share an industry-relevant article. As long as your content is either informative, interesting or funny, people will engage with it
  • Engage with other people’s content:
    Make sure your comments come across as genuine. Tag other people in posts you think they’d like. Share content from potential clients and candidates if you think it’s informative and useful to your network
  • Advertise your jobs:
    Along with your job ads on LinkedIn, your website and job boards, you should be shouting about them individually, too. Create a short video of yourself talking about the role and post it on a Monday morning. Use relevant hashtags, link to the job ad on your website and ask your colleagues to share it
  • Stand out from the crowd:
    There are thousands of recruiters on LinkedIn. When you first connect with someone, try something a little different - send them a video to their inbox instead of a message. Address them by name, and thank them for accepting your connection request. Say a little about what you do, and ask them to contact you if they are looking for a job or hiring. This looks far more personal and engaging than a standard message

Personal branding in 2023

Gone are the days of only sharing content from your company’s LinkedIn page, and only engaging with candidates and clients on the phone or via email. Now, candidates and clients are recognising recruiters by name as well as face, and will most likely have seen them on LinkedIn in one or more forms if they have been executing their personal brand strategy effectively.


If you want to increase your marketing ROI, knowing that treating your personal brand like a financial advisor investment is essential. Regardless of what your competitors are doing (or perhaps even your colleagues, if some of them are stuck in 2017) it will be beneficial to step out of your comfort zone. So pick up your phone, record a few videos, comment on people’s posts, and get cracking. The return will happen if you stay consistent.

Get in touch

Here at Paiger, we offer a number of nurture and advocacy products that will help to keep content and jobs going out on your social channels, ensuring your personal brand stays consistent. You can schedule all your posts ahead of time, or you can simply share content tailored to your interests and target markets through the click of a button in an email. Find out more by booking a demo with us.

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