Recruiter HOT 100: “Herculean Efforts Defying Gravity”

Recruiter HOT 100: “Herculean Efforts Defying Gravity”
Darren Westall January 19, 2022 Press Releases

The Recruiter magazine released its Recruiter HOT 100 list based on the recruitment companies with the greatest gross profit per employee.


A few interesting finds from the report include a combined gross profit (GP) of £3.7bn, £764m in net fees and 6% achieving an expansion of productivity and an increase in their internal headcount.


“On the back of a brutal year in 2020, as evidenced in this report, the recruitment market turned from a lack of vacancies to a lack of candidates across several large sectors – for many in the space of just a few weeks during Q1 2021. This rebound has continued until late 2021 and should be well reflected in these columns next year.


The ability to adapt to new working practices was a learning curve through 2020 and finely honed by this year, enabling full benefit from such a market turnaround.” – The Recruiter


We are very proud to say that Paiger has helped 14% of the hotlist.


Paiger’s Founder and CEO Darren Westall says “It’s amazing how far these businesses have come in the past two years, leaping from strength to strength and I’m just proud to be a part of this wonderful industry”


Check out the Recruiter HOT 100 list here.

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