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Save time, save money, stay in control


As a small business owner, you're wearing a lot of different hats and when you first started, you had time to share on social media every day, but now, it's a different story...


You have a choice, you can hire a Junior Marketer (around 20k a year) but most business owners we speak to would hire another salesperson if they had that budget.


You know your audience better than anyone, you know what they read, listen to and watch. Train Paiger to do the heavy lifting for you.

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Never have writer's block again

Ghostwriter makes it easy to generate engaging content that will attract potential candidates and keep your network informed about the latest recruitment developments.

Whether youre looking to promote job openings, write blog content or just build your brand, Ghostwriter has the power to make your content stand out.


Daily market intel to drive better conversations

Paiger delivers a daily email with the latest intelligence so you can speak to clients and candidates from an informed position.

We then populate your account with website sources and keywords to push to your social networks in one click. Taking care of your social media in less than a minute a day.


Do your social media at a time that works around your business

Schedule content at a time that works around you. All managed in one simple to use tool. 

  • Share to LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram
  • Categorise posts
  • Create repeat posts

Never forget to update your social media

If you don’t have anything scheduled or in your queue, Paiger will choose something for you, add the right hashtags to reach more people and choose the best time to share.

Paiger will then notify you by email or SMS so you can approve it before it goes out, no matter where you are in the world.


Spend less time writing job adverts

Create AI-generated job adverts that are SEO-optimised to attract potential candidates. 

With voice-activated AI, you can spend less time writing job adverts and more time finding the right people for the job.


Less time designing and more time recruiting

Automatically advertise attractive and engaging jobs on LinkedIn using your provided template. Paiger will overlay the job title and include the image on social to grab your candidate’s attention.

  • Brand guidelines approved
  • Beyond 1st degree connections

Find job leads across your sector & location

Your assistant monitors job boards, aggregators and career sites for you, filtering 90% of agency jobs. 

And get vacancy alerts delivered daily into your inbox based on your sector and location settings.


Use AI to discover new candidates

Use Paiger to quickly generate a boolean search containing synonyms, skills, technologies, and locations within a commuting distance for a specific job title and location.

Quickly access your job board accounts and discover hidden candidates before your competitors do.


Update Your Social Media In 1 Minute A Day For Just £199 Per Month

Save Time. Save Money. Stay In Control

Update your social media in 1 minute per day.