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As a small business owner, you're wearing a lot of different hats and when you first started, you had time to share on social media every day, but now, it's a different story...


You have a choice, you can hire a Junior Marketer but that comes at a cost (Around 20k a year) and most business owners we speak to would hire another salesperson if they had that kind of budget as it's what they know best.


You know your audience better than anyone, you know what they read, listen to and watch. Train Paiger and let your new social media assistant do the heavy lifting for you.

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  • Podcasts
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  • Blogs
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Take care of your social media in less than a minute a day

Content suggestions emailed to you daily that you share in one click

Paiger monitors websites & keywords that you want to know about and will send you an email every morning with the latest content for you to read and share.

You can queue content for Paiger to share, Paiger will decide the best time and what hashtags to use.

Update your social media channels every day at 1/5th the cost of outsourcing.

Spend 15 minutes a week on your social

Do your social media at a time that works around your business

Create repeat posts and categorise everything so you can see what is going out and when.

If you have the time, schedule your company updates and news at a time that suits you.

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Paiger will send you an SMS to remind you

Never forget to update your social media ever again

How often have you meant to share something on social but forgot? Perhaps you’ve got too busy, afterall you have a business to run. It happens.

Paiger will monitor your social and if it’s in danger of being neglected, Paiger will pick something for you to share. If you like it, just reply yes to share it.

Train Paiger on what content you don’t want to talk about to tailor your content suggestions to your business

Only share good news about your industry to ensure your brand gives the right messaging.

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Grow your business in less than 1 minute a day

Get inbound leads to your website

Paiger will advertise your business on the content you share, whenever possible.

Direct traffic back to your website to open up warm conversations from your social media activity.

Advertise branded jobs without being a photoshop expert

Just add your job to your website and Paiger will automatically share it across your social pages with the right hashtags, an engaging status update and eye-grabbing imagery.

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Update your social media in 1 minute a day for just £129 per month.

Save Time. Save Money. Stay In Control.