Kristie Perrotte

Turning a cold call into a warm call through automation



Kristie Perrotte




Managing Director

Kristie has 16 years of experience in recruitment marketing. She worked her way up and now owns her own business Thrive which specialises in sales and marketing automation. Having worked at a large company, she was given a large budget to work with and try different things out. However, being in a large company you are also restricted by the speed things can progress. Since the pandemic, we have seen the impact automation and AI can have to speed up processes and the technology has caught up with the slower businesses.


The Summary

As recruitment and sales will continue to be ‘people buy from people’ but automation should not be feared it should be encouraged to start off the process of selling. Some of the best recruitment companies operate and try both B2B and B2C strategies from other industries than just recruitment. That’s where the automation element comes in. Covid has forced us to look outside of our comfort zone of calling and past the vanity metrics we typically used. 


Why should consultants spend so much time on the phone if they can add an automated element to get warmer conversations and close deals.


What is automation and how do you use it?


Having the ability to post content, share content and scaling that. Recruiters are busy and being pulled in many directions so having it automated to save them time. Thrive automates emails with the real benefit of reactivating your database to contact dormant leads you may have available. A lot of older databases are unlikely to be used because data can be outdated and intent can be questioned. So Thrive assesses the customer sales journey which can be sales or marketing emails alternated. It also lets you extract your contacts from LinkedIn to search for their work email address to then feed those prospects into an automated journey. Adding scoring to accumulate intent is helpful in finding the warm leads.


Companies spend a lot of money seeking new leads that often exist already within your database, to begin with. It’s just getting over the issue of sales and recruiters hatred for CRM’s.


How do you use lead scoring for recruitment?


Looking at the different actions on the journey and scoring them accordingly. They start with a minimum of 7 interactions and over the course of those emails, they get scored for different actions such as opening, clicks, case studies etc. You look overtime at the score build-up and the journey they follow. If you know the customer and their pain points, ensuring your messaging fits their values, regardless of whether it’s automated or not, if they are delivering value, they will be opened.


The most successful email campaigns?


They tend to be the ones going to clients as to candidates tend to get a worse open rate for newsletters.


Things a marketing team can help with:

  1. Adding an element of retargeting to your site can bring even more touchpoints and recognition of the brand.
  2. Working out the cost of acquisition to invest the resources there.
  3. The right content past just a salary guide once a year – so stretching the key piece of content out more than a once a year email – this can be a rule of 5 using the content in 5 different ways.

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