How did The Lonely Marketers start?

Like any community we grew and developed together. Glenn Southam created the brand but his vision was for the network to grow organically with input from all members.


Fast forward to today and The Lonely Marketers is lovingly managed by the team at Paiger.


Pictured: Darren Westall (Paiger) and Glenn Southam.

Step 1: Join the Whatsapp community 💜

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Step 3: Listen to our podcast

This is your show for all things recruitment marketing. We share the challenges, the successes, advice and the screwups from the leading marketing talent working in recruitment and most importantly find out what their favourite swearword is.
We speak to the companies working to make marketing in recruitment more effective and efficient and to those people who have opinions that will make you think about things that little bit differently.


If you're a marketer in a recruitment agency and would like to be a guest, just drop us a note at [email protected] and we'll be in touch.

Step 4: Meet up at our events 💜

We host all kinds of events to get the community meeting up and discussing marketing. So far we've run drinks evenings in London and Manchester and a Breakfast at LinkedIn. Future events will be added to the newsletter and Whatsapp group.