Daniel Evans

The beauty of marketing is that the journey is never finished



JCW Group


Marketing Director

Join Darren as he speaks to Daniel Evans, Marketing Director at JCW Group about his journey into recruitment marketing and how differently he views the marketing department now.
Dan originally saw an interest in marketing at 16 after watching his Aunt work in advertising in New York.  After which, he studied business then marketing at University before entering the world of work as a receptionist then transitioning into a marketing role. His journey to recruitment marketing as he terms it involved lots of rejection, but if you believe in something and don't give it, it will happen. 

The Summary

Do you feel imposter syndrome, self-doubt or confusion over building your personal brand as a marketer? These are just a few of the things Darren chats about with Daniel Evans from JCW Group. Daniel talks us through how to overcome imposter syndrome and turn it into a driver for success. 


Going into all things marketing, we talk about Dan's relationship with his consultants, how managing expectations is key to any successful marketing function and whether he is Team University or Team Work.


If you're interested in personal branding, sales and marketing alignment or turning your marketing career around, this is the episode for you!


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