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Take care of your social media in less than a minute a day

Get daily content suggestions direct to your inbox

Train your new marketing assistant to monitor websites & keywords that you want to know about and receive an email every morning with the latest content for to share.

In one click, you can push content to your Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter pages.

Embrace social selling across your business

Manage your social media from anywhere

If you don’t have anything scheduled, your assistant will choose something for you, add the right hashtags to reach more people and choose the best time to share.

You can be notified by email or SMS so your can approve it before it goes out in one action, no matter where they are.

Paiger will check the title of the content and automatically remove content you don’t want to talk about

Paiger understands if something is good or bad and can remove bad news before it reaches you

Push content to your assistant straight from Chrome in one-click with our Browser Extension

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Drive website traffic through content curation

Attract inbound leads via the content your team share

Paiger adds a custom call-to-action to pages on the websites that support it, allowing you to engage your connections through every link you share.

For example, you can link to your book a demo page, a calendly link or recruiter’s can advertise one of the roles they’re hiring for.

Post to your customers news feeds when they're actually online

Schedule social media in advance

Small businesses across the world are using Paiger to save time and build relationships by targeting their audience at the right time.

Plan and organise your content in an easy to use calendar, ensuring your online presence is working for you even when you’re not.