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Join us live for the ScaleUp, hosted by Cameron McLennan, Account Executive at Paiger, The ScaleUp covers all things you need to scale up your agency. Cameron's guests will talk through how they successfully scaled, the mistakes they made a long the way and where to begin. Calling recruiters everywhere this is the podcast for you.


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E1 featuring Michael Phair

E1 featuring Michael Phair

Welcome to the first episode of The ScaleUp with Michael Phair, Operations Director at Be-It resourcing. Michael shares some very honest and frank insights into things to consider when you're looking to scale your agency, ensuring you've got the right pillars and the right people around you as you get ready to ramp up. He also shares the importance that running has played not only from a mental health perspective but also from a business perspective as well. This is a really honest and frank insight into Michael as a person and there are some great takeaways in this show.

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