ROI Disclaimer

The Paiger ROI Calculator (the “ROI Calculator”) is an interactive tool that
uses the information that you supply to provide an estimate of potential
productivity gains and from this your potential return on investment when
using Paiger software.

The results generated in the ROI Calculator are estimates and should be
used solely to help you decide if the Paiger software warrants a more
detailed assessment by you.

The actual economic results achieved from any future use by you of Paiger
software will vary and there is no guarantee that you will achieve any of
the results forecast by the ROI Calculator.

Any result generated by the ROI Calculator is not and should not be
interpreted as either a promise of or an offer or contract for a given level
of ROI or productivity gains.

The ROI Calculator is based on limited parameters; and other factors which
might influence results have not been taken into account. Paiger does not
and cannot guarantee the accuracy or reliability of the results generated
by the ROI Calculator or that you will actually achieve any productivity
gains, revenue increases as forecast by the ROI Calculator.

LIMITATION OF LIABILITY. In no event shall Paiger or its officers,
employees, directors, and subsidiaries, have any liability to you or any
other third party related to your use of the ROI Calculator for any
damages under any legal theory arising out of the use and reliance on or
performance of the ROI Calculator including direct, consequential,
incidental or special, even if Paiger has been advised of the possibility of
such damages.