Steve Carter

Marketing, changing technology and diversity



Steve Carter



Steve is the founder of The Ability People, a recruitment professional with almost 35 years’ experience worldwide. He’s lived in the UK but worked also in Ireland, Asia, and Australia. 


The Summary

We discussed our career similarities and the adventures we have both taken and are continuing on. Steve fell into recruitment and speaks on its continual change with the help of technology, further emphasising the need for marketing to stay current. 


In the current climate, marketing becomes increasingly important and Steve’s advice to new business owners is to hire someone to look after data and someone to look after marketing, worry about the consultants after that. 


He talks through his creation of The Ability People and his work towards disability inclusion with companies such as the Chelsea Football Club, HSBC, and more. Launching his new platform ‘Podium’ the first accessible freelancer workplace – people with disabilities can connect with employers at no cost. His passion is inspiring to get both diversity and inclusion in the workplace.



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