Ewan Anderson

Learning marketing and making good mistakes



Ewan Anderson


Eden Scott


Senior Digital Marketer

Ewan is the Associate Marketing Director at Eden Scott after previously working in leisure marketing. His passion for leisure stemmed from his degree in sports marketing as he suggests your degree selection should be based on something you are passionate about.


The Summary

After a recent discussion on social platforms, in particular on LinkedIn regarding the degree or no degree subject. Having not gone to University myself, there are times when you can be left behind in discussions with certain terminology. But, is this enough to encourage people to go to university?


Ewan’s advice is to go to university – if there is a subject you are passionate about.


A key to becoming an expert in your field is continually learning areas in your field that are not your speciality.


For Ewan, he has recently been learning more on SEO – especially with Google updating their algorithm frequently. This will not only improve his RIO in his own company but increase his understanding of areas he is passionate about.


Within recruitment marketing, you need to wear both a B2B and a B2C hat which makes branding challenges.


You need to have different strategies for both segments and as a marketer, you need to recognise the right channels by developing your brand around your service. For candidates or for clients, having a superior service in how you approach both customers will essentially ensure your brand covers both.



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