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How to generate leads on LinkedIn



Jemma Lea Bevan


Managing Director

Social Jems is a training, content and lead generation company. If people want to increase their online presence but don’t know where to start they can either be trained or have it done for them.

We’ve seen people buy from people, not products so building a personal brand and showing people who are you and what matters to you is key in generating sales. The way people are buying has changed, they no longer want to be a number, they want to buy from someone they trust and like. By building a personal brand you show people who you are and essentially generate those leads.


The Summary

Jemma started by selling payroll to recruitment agencies but could not understand why she spent all day on the phones when LinkedIn had the message option. So her wholesales career has been utilising LinkedIn by posting and building her own personal brand. But the majority of leads Jemma generated from LinkedIn were people asking for help with their own LinkedIn profiles, something the company she was working at didn’t offer. The demand was there and her skill set so she started Social Jems.


At the beginning of the pandemic, everyone panicked and cut their spending on marketing. But come May time, everyone realised with most people working from home, traditional sales methods like cold-calling won’t be enough to secure new business so they had to add the social media element. Social media allows you to be visible to potential customers sooner, for warmer calls when they come.


Typically the smaller companies or companies with one-person marketing teams rely on outsourcing a lot of marketing efforts which come across extremely formal. When in actual fact people just want to see real.


Prior to covid, it was seen as a business is a business and personal is personal, but now we work in a much more flexible working space and there’s no clear defined home and work and we need to talk about it in a linked way publicly.


Social Jems does a mix of content-led and outreach. They are completely honest about the length of time to secure leads and purely content-led is not an overnight win it does take 3-6months via this method. But if the lead generation is required more quickly, adding the outreach element is key.


Jemma doesn’t actually send a connection message when connecting on LinkedIn as she sees the follow-up message is more important, especially for mobile users. It is all sector-specific although as to what is well received from a recruiter to a tech guy to a marketer.


At this current time, it’s even more difficult to get anyone on the phone as a lot of people are working from home. So ignoring socials, in particular LinkedIn, you are essentially paying your sales team to listen to voicemail all day. Instead of using social media management tools, you can schedule content in times where things might be quieter so that’s out of their mind. They can use automated tools for messaging. So not embracing the tools will just leave you left behind when everyone moves onto the next thing.


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