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How Paiger helps


Reduce your time to ramp new graduate hires.


Get your graduates contributing to revenue faster.


Comprehensive online training modules included.


Daily market intel to drive better conversations

You are specialists in your field, but your new recruiters aren't.

Paiger delivers a daily email with the latest intelligence so they can speak to clients and candidates from an informed position.


High quality job adverts in seconds

With voice-activated AI, Paiger makes it easy to write professional job adverts that will help attract high quality candidates.

With built-in spelling, grammar and bias checks so you don't need to worry.


Write complex boolean with no training required

Use Paiger to generate a boolean search including synonyms, skills, and commutable locations.

Helping your new graduate recruiters to find great candidates faster.

linkedin training
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Invest in personal brands to grow their networks

Every grad takes Paiger's LinkedIn training which covers everything from setting up their profile to how to write a post.

Then Paiger gives them daily content to continually build trust with clients & candidates.


Get grads contributing to business development

The best BD calls to make are the ones with live jobs for the types of candidates you have access to today.

We deliver vacancy alerts into the inbox of your grad recruiters so they can bring on new clients faster.


Ready to reduce your time to profitability for your grads?

We believe our graduate offering is unique to the recruitment technology space.  With our graduate package you can add and remove graduate recruiters as and when you like, there is no minimum user commitment or minimum term giving you complete flexibility. 


Train your graduates in days, not months.