Ian Moyse

Ending the war between Sales and Marketing



Chief Revenue Officer

Join Darren as he chats with Ian Moyse, Chief Revenue Officer - OneUp Sales,  about his view on the sales and marketing departments and his journey from tech to sales.
Ian originally started in tech having been interested in it as a child, years go by and the sales game calls to Ian, years later directing sales teams, guest blogging, building direct/indirect/inside sales teams across the U.K and much more Ian's arrived to tell us about his journey and give some advice to those in the market.

The Summary

Salespeople and marketers may not always see eye to eye, Ian has experienced this first hand having worked with the sales and marketing department.


In this episode, Ian chats with Darren about his experience and advice to help stop the butting of heads in the future.


If you're a salesperson or marketer that wants to hear Ian's advice you won't want to miss this episode!


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