Paiger will deliver your sales team an Email or SMS, and if they want to share, they simply reply yes.

Say goodbye to sending an email around the office and crossing your fingers

Provide your salespeople with an effortless way to participate in sharing company news, whitepapers and blog posts no matter where they are in the world.

To get started, simply add your team to Paiger and they’ll connect their accounts in under a minute. They can choose how they want to be notified (Email or SMS) and will be able to start sharing immediately.

  • Share to all or particular segments of your team's social media profiles to achieve relevant messaging.
  • People no longer question what to share and what not to share as it's controlled by the pros.
  • Sales participation is increased as they only have to respond to a text message to approve & they remain in control.
All your sales team have to do is reply with the word yes!
  • News
  • Podcasts
  • YouTube
  • Blogs
  • Keywords
  • Medium
Take care of your social media in less than a minute a day

Get daily content suggestions direct to your inbox

Train your new marketing assistant to monitor websites & keywords that you want to know about and receive an email every morning with the latest content for to share.

In one click, you can push content to your Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter pages.



increase in social reach


more likely to take action on your website

Gain insights into your employee advocacy

Your leaderboard allows you to see how well your team are performing and challenges them to compete. Easily see how many clicks, likes & comments your employee’s posts are receiving.

Run in-depth reports to see who is sharing your company content, who is re-sharing with their own opinions or find out those who aren’t engaged.

For the first time, you will know your share rate and you can measure, test and improve your employee advocacy to ensure your content is resonating internally and externally.

Schedule in advance & bulk upload updates based on departments & locations

Build your employees into your content plan

Segment your team by department, location & custom tags to allow you to target your content to the relevant people.

Schedule your content sharing in advance, across different timezones and manage everything on an easy-to-use content planner.

By keeping things simple for you and your team, you’ll see a high share rate which will deliver significant traffic back to your website.



cheaper than the cost of PPC


more engagement vs brand shares
"Paiger is a no-brainer for any business"

What do our clients say?

I have to say, I’ve never worked with a more agile tech business. They listen to your ideas and improve their service based upon them.

The more we can share specific content, the more engaged our customers are becoming.

We quickly started to see the benefits in our analytics, for any business looking to grow, Paiger is a must have!

"The team are hugely innovative and I'm not surprised they won APSCo's Innovator Of The Year"

White labeled to your brand

Every part of Paiger can be white labeled to conform to your brand guidelines, including a welcome email to new users.

Helping you track the right metrics and adjust based on your business goals are the primary areas where your dedicated client success person will assist. We like to do the quarterly deep-dives to ensure you’re maximising your ROI from Paiger.