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How Paiger gives the Recruitment Events Co. people a really quick way to share their content.




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Social media can be said as the best marketing channel to drive attendance, hype and engagement. But social media marketing can be time-consuming for the organiser as well as the influencers who are posting. With social media event marketing it is key to know what time and what to post - a continuous struggle for many companies.


You want to have as many people talking about your event before and after. Prior to the event is it all about sign-ups and getting the event as near to full as possible. For Jamie Leonard at The Recruitment Events Co. "we wanted it [Paiger] for a very simple process which is to give people a really quick way to share our content”. By utilising individuals who have an appeal on their own whilst using branded content and images is a winning combination for Jamie.



We are deeply dedicated to the long-term growth and success of our clients and our people. We are dedicated to producing measured value and results to website traffic and goal conversions. 


The Challenges

With any ambassador programme you need to make it as easy as possible, if you start asking people to find their own way you are going to get less results.


LinkedIn for The Recruitment Events Co. is where their main customer base operate being the recruitment market, so it was always going to be a place they wanted to focus marketing efforts. They found that their posts from ambassadors were very sporadic, an email here and a Facebook post there. They were sending the odd email here and there to get them to share our posts, so we thought if we could do this the right way with an easy to use technology we could get into their networks. They initially utilised an alternative platform but found many missing features that did not allow them to simplify their processes.

Jamie Leonard

We wanted it for a very simple process which gives people a really quick way to share our content.

- Jamie Leonard, Founder & CEO - The Recruitment Events Co.


How Paiger Helped

Implementing Paiger to allow ambassadors a simple and quick way to share content. Paiger offers The Recruitment Events Co. a simple process which allows their people a quick way to share company content. They are a small company and like to work with companies that listen to their requests, take them onboard and make changes that work for everyone, something Paiger could offer. After hearing how recruitment companies had utilised Paiger with employees sharing content, they were excited to come along with a fresh approach that works well. After quick on- boarding process they began to see an increase in engagement via visible share rate, comments and clicks in Paiger reports. A key feature for them was the text messaging function meaning their ambassadors could simply reply yes to a message and their post goes out.

How can you do something similar to Jamie and The Recruitment Events Co.?

  • Get Paiger
  • Add influencers into the account
  • Establish the content sharing plan via the discover tab
  • Start pushing quality content
  • Monitor the ROI in Paiger Reports
  • Gamify the process by incentivising and offering rewards

Give your people a really quick way to share their content.