The last few weeks have provided an excellent opportunity to reflect. I’ve been able to reflect upon my current business processes more than ever before and I’ve discovered something that we all do on a daily basis, but we don’t utilise. 

It’s your video calls. 

The power of recording your video calls is truly underestimated. Videos are a powerful tool that we should all be making the most of, especially now. They can be used for marketing, support, training. The list goes on.

One thing I would like to point out is I am not a professional video editor or producer and I don’t expect you to be either, but together, as we adjust to the new “normal”, this profound way of business could be used to create new opportunities for us all. 

With businesses forced to change their processes, it’s fair to say we have all been using Zoom, Google Hangouts, Skype, etc a lot more than before – every single one of these calls can be recorded. On a daily basis, you’re having meaningful conversations, building relationships and developing knowledge. But, you just hang up and carry on with your day.

Take a moment to think about the calls you had last week. Did you check in with a client? Did you have a team meeting and discuss new ideas? Did a client give you a glowing testimonial?

Perhaps, a glowing testimonial, that you cannot remember word for word and it slipped your clients mind to drop you that email version that they promised. Damn! 

You’re really missing out on insightful knowledge that could develop your business.

So, we need to change that. We need to capture them, edit and share. 

My personal choice of platform is Zoom – I personally find it the easiest way to record video calls and download them. Despite that, I am no professional when it comes to video and I am still learning, but I have discovered that certain settings work for me and enable me to capture this raw footage in the best possible way.

Click Settings and Video

To ensure you’re capturing high quality videos, I need to point out the following two settings: You need to make sure your video is 16:9 and under “My Video” make sure you record your video in 1280x720p HD. This is your first step towards producing high quality video content.

Zoom will give you options such as ‘Mirror my video’ or ‘Touch up my appearance’ – I’ll leave this one to you!

Then, comes the option to ‘always display participant name on their videos’, I personally always have this turned on. I think it gives a personal edge to the video, but again, this can be your own preference. 

Next thing is your audio:

Click “Settings” and “Audio”

Go to “Advanced”

Disable ‘Suppress Persistent Background Noise’ 

Disable ‘Supress Intermittent Background Noise’ 

Now for the recording:

Click “Settings” and “Recording”

“Add timestamp to the recording” – Untick. We want to keep the videos looking as professional as possible and we want to avoid any unnecessary text. 

“Record video during screen sharing” – Tick 

“Place video next to the shared screen” – Tick. We want to make sure our clients can be still seen even when sharing screens. 

Now that we have discussed my go to settings, let’s discuss my go to practices. 

I personally always position my camera at eye level and sit in front of the window or artificial light. Backlighting is a no go. If you’re using a mobile, try and position it as still as possible, there’s nothing worse than a shaking camera. 

Congratulations, you’re now up to speed on how to maximise Zoom recordings and we can all start making the most out of these daily calls.


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