It’s here! You can finally schedule your first comment at the same time as your status!

Whether that’s a call to action, such as a link or just a follow up question by scheduling your first comment, you will drive more engagement to your LinkedIn posts while scheduling them in advance.

With LinkedIn’s algorithm being a puzzle that we all want to solve – it’s become no secret that simply sharing your content on the platform doesn’t always get the reach it should.

LinkedIn’s algorithm treats external links as an exit sign; one click takes you away from the platform, and of course, LinkedIn doesn’t want you to leave. 

With many studies out there, it has been proven that by posting in the first comment, you will see:

  • Better Reach
  • More Clicks 
  • Higher CTR

To maximise your reaches and clicks on your content, posting in the first comment is your answer.

For recruiters, we have made it possible to include the link in the first comment when sharing your jobs too! This can easily be turned on in your account and we’d love for you to try this out and let us know what gets the right results for you!

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