What Should My LinkedIn Banner Be In 2022? Finally Solved

What Should My LinkedIn Banner Be In 2022? Finally Solved
Darren Westall January 4, 2022 Marketing

They say don’t judge a book by its cover, but when it comes to LinkedIn people WILL definitely judge your LinkedIn profile by its cover and that’s a fact. So, that’s why we’re here to answer the golden question every marketer wants the answer to. In 2022, what are the correct LinkedIn header dimensions?


So buckle up, we’re about to step up your LinkedIn game and unveil the good stuff.


Like all social media platforms, LinkedIn has impressive advertising with an unbelievable reach and in fact, 62% of marketers say it generates them leads. The statistics could go on but my point being is that LinkedIn is your brand, it’s how you present yourself and your business. 

What are the LinkedIn Header Dimensions?

So, the question we’re here to answer: the dimensions! The LinkedIn header has been a puzzle for years and one that marketers have always struggled to figure out for definite.


In 2022, your LinkedIn company page header should be 1600 x 800. 

LinkedIn Company Page Banner

In 2022, your LinkedIn personal page header should be 1584 x 396.

LinkedIn Personal Profile Banner

Now you have the dimensions, let’s focus on getting the header right. For personal LinkedIn profiles, your LinkedIn header is your chance to portray a powerful visual that represents your message (and your business). For greater success, focus on uniting your branding of your profile picture and header, consider the message you’d like your audience to receive and most importantly, follow our dimensions so you don’t crop any important information out!


Now, for LinkedIn company pages. The same applies but you can be a little more creative, represent your brand, you may even want to make seasonal changes. 


Whilst we’re on the topic of dimensions, we thought we’d share the Facebook, Twitter and Youtube dimensions too. 


In 2022, your Facebook banner should be 1500 x 658.


In 2022, your Twitter banner should be 1500 x 500. 


And finally, in 2022, your Youtube banner should be 2650 x 1440. 


The puzzle is solved.

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