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Hi, my name is Ella and I am doing work experience with www.paiger.co this week. I’m 17 years old and love social media, it’s been part of my childhood. Throughout this post, I will be discussing what the different social media platforms mean to me. 


I personally don’t use Facebook as much as other social media platforms.

I feel like Facebook attracts an older target audience around the age of 30 plus. I like the fact that I can talk to my family on there without them seeing what I post 24/7 which is a feature that Snapchat follows.

An advantage that Facebook has is memories. I find this really helpful and enjoyable as I am able to visualise a memory that I might have forgotten about years ago. 

Within this, you are able to share this on your feed so that all your friends can also see your memories. The main reason why I tend to use Facebook is for all the videos that everyone is able to watch. Within the Facebook App, there is a toolbar at the bottom which allows users to click on different sections that Facebook allows. I normally end up watching loads of different videos and then realise what the time is as I got sidetracked.

Despite my lack of use, I would recommend Facebook as it is a very chilled app when you compare it to Snapchat or Instagram. 


As I am a teenager, I am addicted to my phone and social media!

Snapchat is definitely the app that I use the most and here’s why.

Firstly, I have all my friends on this social media platform and we can make group chats with up to 30 people, which I think is amazing.

The advantage of this is, is if you have a lot of friends or need to talk to them all at the same time then this is the place to do it. You can name the group chats and even give them a display photo.

The only disadvantage of having a big group chat is that you can’t keep up with them all!

Another feature that Snapchat enables is looking at your friend’s stories. I find this very interesting as I am able to see what my friends are getting up to and where they are.

Snapchat has also made a new feature of having private stories. What I mean by this is that you can select people out of your friend list and add them to your private story in which they can only see. This is definitely a big advantage as some people don’t want everyone seeing what they get up to every day or just don’t want them to see their stories at all.

I have a private story on Snapchat with my closest friends in that I can trust, as on social media you can’t trust many people.

Lastly, another feature which Snapchat empowers is allowing messages to hold for 24 hours. This is a feature that you can turn on from the settings section on the app.

A disadvantage that Snapchat holds is that audiences are not able to access this platform on the computer, it is only available on the app store on a phone. 


I use Instagram a lot. It is quite similar to Snapchat but has its differences.

If I had to choose either Snapchat or Instagram it would definitely have to be Snapchat, however, I would be very upset to leave Instagram.

A similarity between Instagram and Snapchat is that they both feature having stories and also private stories. This is very vital as like I mentioned before you can’t trust many people on all social media platforms so therefore by having a private story it enables you to feel more confident with your decisions.

The biggest advantage that Instagram features is also its disadvantage.

Instagram’s aim is to rely on images and how everyone has to look perfect in order for your followers to like your photos. This then means that everyone feels insecure on Instagram as if you don’t post a good photo, you will not attract your follower’s attention.

From research, many females especially feel uncomfortable and trapped on Instagram, as a lot of them just care about the number of likes that you get.

Moreover, Instagram is mainly known for having loads of different meme accounts so therefore many people like to send pictures to each other. This is a feature that Snapchat doesn’t allow.

When you post a picture or 60-second video on Instagram it stays on there until you want to delete it, whereas with Snapchat, you can only keep a post up for 24 hours.

Unfortunately, Instagram is a social media platform where a lot of audiences feel terrible about themselves but don’t like to express their feelings online.

From asking my mates, I can objectify that when you scroll through Instagram and see a beautiful model with thousands of likes, it makes any girl feel worthless and want to be like them. Males and females should feel comfortable with themselves and not feel the need to impress everyone, which is what Instagram is all about. 


I honestly don’t get the big deal about Twitter as I hardly ever use it.

The only time I have ever used Twitter is due to homework or looking at memes!

From hearing all my mates talk about this platform, it has a clear divide through being positive and also being negative.

An advantage of Twitter is that it is a very simple social media network platform as it allows audiences to be aware of everything that interests you.

Within this, you can write a tweet and one of your followers who like what you have posted might retweet it which immediately hits a wider audience as another person has shared your tweet which could get you more followers, which in this society is amazing.

Nevertheless, Twitter easily allows people to make fake accounts, which any person can create.

Twitter features a lot of people creating fake famous accounts and allowing people to follow them when in reality this profile is a random person getting enjoyment.

Twitter is the platform that I don’t use the most out of Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram, however, I know many different people that receive enjoyment from it. 


Lastly, I will be speaking about Linkedin. As this is the first day of my work experience, today is the first time I have actually logged onto Linkedin!

I have heard older audiences speak about this platform but I have never really looked into it, which is something I am excited and determined to do now that I am entering the next stage of my life.

In conclusion, I hope you have enjoyed listening to my personal beliefs about each social media platform as much as I enjoyed writing about them.


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